2022 was a year unimaginable for the entirety of our Gaimin Gladiator family. Within Esports; there are many companies, players, creators that hope and pride themselves on proving their worth within an ever growing esports space. After two and a half years of competing, within North America and the semi-pro scene, previously OCG was fully acquired by Gaimin. Allowing us to further push our presence as a staple organization in the grander scheme of esports stardom.

Gaimin Gladiators had a year you can only hope and dream of within this crazy world of esports. 2022 provided lots to be thankful and grateful for; but before we dive deep on all our organizational success, we want to first give a big shoutout to everyone who has had the pleasure of dawning the Gaimin Gladiators colors this past year. None of these accomplishments could’ve been done without current or previous players, who gave it their all, helping put Gaimin Gladiators to the peak of esports competition. Everyone who has departed us we will always have fond memories of you as a competitor and individual and we wish nothing but success and positivity for your future. To our current Gladiators deeming the banner of strength against all odds, thank you for your continued drive, determination, passion, and choosing us and our family in our tight knit coliseum.  

Now without further ado let's look back at our year in review:

Rocket League (LCT, Maxeew, Abscrazy, OSM)


Rocket League World Championships 2022 - 23rd-24th

- RLCS 2021-22 - Spring: APAC S Regional Event 1 - 2nd

- RLCS 2021-22 - Spring: APAC S Regional Event 2 - 1st

- RLCS 2021-22 - Spring: APAC S Regional Event 3 - 1st

- Rocket League Spring Split London Major S Tier -

  13th - 16th

- Gamers 8 2022 Riyadh S Tier - 17th-24th

One of the most interesting esports, and largest growing to date; Rocket League and its esports infrastructure has been a success year in and year out. Gaimin Gladiators Rocket League team provided a similar feat. Qualifying for the World Championships, London Major and being one of the best within the APAC region; Gaimin Gladiators Rocket League showed tried and true that the APAC region is no small feat, finishing the year with various accomplishments at the grandest stages. 

Pokemon Unite (Goof, Lutano, Zugrug, Toonslim, Indiebear)


- Pokemon Unite February Champions North America

- Pokemon Unite Pro Circuit - Top 3 North America 

One of newest introductions into the esports space; Pokemon Unite welcomed MOBA fans in 2021 and 2022 with a staple competitive esports scene, with inter-regional play, transitioning to the Pokemon World Championships. One of the biggest teams within the North American region was Gaimin Gladiators. Finishing the season 3rd overall in North America; GG showed their strength in Pokemon Unite, winning the February Champions tournament, and being a staple powerhouse in the world's toughest region.

Street Fighter V (FluxWaveZ) 


- Global Esports Federation SFV Canada Qualifier - 1st Place

Gaimin Gladiators made a staple accomplishment within Canada and the FGC with our player FluxWaveZ. Placing 2nd, 1st, 13th/16th, 2nd and 1st within the CPT 2022 World Warrior Canada qualification; FluxWaveZ came out on top as the best Canadian in the Global Esports Federation Canadian Qualifier for Street Fighter 5.

Dota 2 (Seleri, Tofu, Dyrachyo, Ace, Boom, ImmortalFaith)


- Dota 2 The International 11 - 9th-12th

- Dota 2 Stockholm Major 4th Place

- DPC Season 2 - 2nd place

- Dota 2 DPC Season 1 Major Champions

After the acquisition of Team Tickles; Gaimin Gladiators hit the ground running with their initial inception. Showcasing true strength throughout a tough Western Europe DPC region; Gaimin Gladiators came out as underdogs and truly showed that they shouldn’t be underestimated. With strong placings in Stockholm and at the International; The Gaimin Gladiators Dota 2 roster provided dota and fans alike, amazing achievements, skill and passion. Finishing a season we will never forget.

Rainbow 6 Siege (Ape, Hovenhurst, Jo, Rixx, Tolji, Sunan)


- APAC South 2022 Stage 2 - 2nd

- APAC South 2022 Stage 3 - 3rd

- Rainbow 6 Berlin Major 2022 -  13th/16th

CSGO (JazzPimp, jeorgesnorts, cynic, Bwills,cxzi, SEMPHIS)


- IEM Road to Rio 2022: American RMR - 2nd Place 

Apex Legends (PKMK, Leogri3x6, Artyco, Hardecki)


- EMEA ALGS Split 1-  Playday #4 - 1st Place (November 20th)

CEO & Founder Shawn Porter summed it up best what this year truly means to him and the entire management staff:

“ As an organization that’s only hit its one year mark, what a year it’s been! In January we were just a group of four guys passionate about making a difference in the Esports Industry. Now we’ve expanded our staff and players to around 30+ and have attended multiple world class majors across different games. Being in the scene almost all my life, achieving what we have in just one year is almost unheard of and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone behind Gaimn Gladiators. I’m excited for the years to come as this is only the beginning.” 

Watch our year of success on YouTube:

The new year is just around the corner, and with it comes another year of gladiators continued dominance. 2022 was memorable in many ways, and we will continue to make more memories for years to come. Thank you to our entire Gaimin Gladiator Staff for their continued passion, putting the Gladiators on top time and time again. To our fans, thank you for supporting us, stay tuned for much more, and continue to stay locked in to all our social spaces! 

With passion tried and true #againstallodds | For Glory. For Honor. WE FIGHT. Gaimin Gladiators.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Years to all our wonderful supporters.

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer