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Dota 2
VICTORIOUS - Gaimin Gladiators Lima Major Champions
A clash for the upper bracket was set; a consistent figurehead in all of Dota 2’s competitive history, and one greatly known to the...
Dota 2
VAMOS! The Lima Major: Group Stage
The 2023 Dota Pro Circuit is notably underway with Tour 1 vastly in our rear view mirror. With the best Dota 2 teams across the globe who competed...
Dota 2
Rundown -  BetBoom Universe: Episode One
The Western DPC Tour 1 has ended and with it a plethora of success coming into 2023’s latest pro circuit season. The Gaimin Gladiators roster...
PUBG Mobile
New Gladiators Enter the Arena
Mobile esports has been an avenue for many competitors to showcase their skill with the new age and accessibility of mobile gaming...
Dota 2
Conquered: Gaimin Gladiators vs Tundra Esports
The final series of the Western European DPC Split 1 season had plenty of excitement and implementations surrounding it. With a slot at the..
Dota 2
Defending the Breach: Gaimin Gladiators vs Into The Breach
Welcome back to the Dota 2 blog section and our 6th recap of the Western European Gaimin Gladiators Dota 2 competitive team. With only two...
Dota 2
Falling Short: Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Liquid
With the final week of the DPC split Tour 1 looming upon us; it is now a make or break situation for all teams in this initial split of the Western...
Dota 2
Contender: Gaimin Gladiators vs Nigma Galaxy
Tour 1 of the Western European DPC season is steadily on the move, with the middle point of week 2 competition slowly finishing up...
Dota 2
Humbled: Gaimin Gladiators vs OG Recap (January 16th, 2023)
Week one of the Western European DPC has come and gone; with the Gladiators establishing themselves as one of the strongest Dota 2 teams in the...
Dota 2
SECREKT: A Familiar Friend Turned Foe (January 13th, 2023) 
The Western European Dota Pro Circuit is now in its full effect with the last match day of week 1. With a trip to the Lima Major on the line...
Dota 2
RESILIENCE: Gaimin Gladiators Vs Entity Recap (Jan 9, 2023) 
After a successful BetBoom Christmas event for the new Gaimin Gladiators roster; many eyes were on the Western Europe DPC Gladiators to continue...
Dota 2
Betboom XMAS Show: A Festive Dota 2 Story
2022 has now rounded its course; but just around the bend, and with much excitement resumes our competitive journey in the Western DPC Tour 1...
2022 was a year unimaginable for the entirety of our Gaimin Gladiator family. Within Esports; there are many companies, players, creators that hope...
Apex Legends
We Decide Our Fate : Pro League Split 1 EMEA
Gaimin Gladiators with the newest acquisition of Hardecki, Leogri3x6, Artyco and Pkmk formerly of Gambit Gaming and FA Kitties; The Juggernaut...
Dota 2
A New Age: Gaimin Gladiators 2.0
Before this article begins, we first want to give a massive thank you to all the Gaimin Gladiators fans and supporters who followed our journey...
Apex Legends
“You are the champion” - Gaimin Gladiators Enter Apex Legends
Apex Legends, one of the largest growing and most popular Battle Royale titles to date, has continued to improve the landscape and scope of esports...
Dota 2
The Last Dance: The International 11 Last Chance Qualifier
Welcome back to the Gaimin Gladiators Dota 2 news section. If you haven’t done so already; please read the TI11 qualifiers for all information...