Gaimin Gladiators and Winline Announce Partnership to Bring Exciting Esports Betting to Fans.

GAIMIN (, the world’s leader in delivering decentralized, distributed data processing power and owner of Gaimin Gladiators ( is delighted to announce their DOTA2 team partnership with Winline

Gaimin Gladiators, a leading esports organization, and Winline, a renowned betting company, are thrilled to announce their partnership to offer an exhilarating esports betting experience to gaming enthusiasts around the world. The collaboration aims to provide an unmatched platform for fans to engage with their favourite esports events and enjoy the thrill of online betting.

As part of this partnership, Gaimin Gladiators and Winline will join forces to enhance the overall esports experience for fans and elevate the level of engagement in the rapidly growing esports industry. Both organizations are committed to creating a secure, transparent, and responsible betting environment for their users, ensuring a fair and exciting gaming experience.

Through this partnership,Winline will become the official Western region betting partner of GAIMIN gladiators, providing fans with access to a wide range of esports betting opportunities. Users will be able to bet on their favourite esports teams, tournaments, and matches, and witness the excitement unfold as they watch the action live.

“We are delighted to partner with Winline and bring our fans an exciting and secure platform for esports betting," said Nick Cuccovillo Co-founder of GG spokesperson. "With their extensive experience in the betting industry and our shared passion for esports, we are confident that this partnership will elevate the esports betting experience and create unforgettable moments for our fans.

In closing, this partnership marks the beginning of an extraordinary chapter in our respective journeys. We are thrilled to join forces and combine our expertise to deliver unparalleled value to our clients, while charting new horizons of growth and innovation.

Sergey Nevodnichiy, Head of Esports at Winline:

“We are glad to partner with one of the strongest Dota 2 teams in Europe. This signing opens up great opportunities for both parties. Winline shares ambitious goals with Gaimin Gladiators, and we will work together to achieve them.”

About Winline

Winline is one of the biggest betting companies in Eastern Europe. Since 2022 Winline supports several esports entities, such as the esports clubs and Tundra Esports, the broadcasting studio Paragon Events, as well as tournaments produced by ESL and CCT. Winline also collaborates with some of the biggest streamers such as buster, Dmitry_Lixxx, recrent, VooDoosh, and recently the company announced Erik “shoke” Shokhov as an ambassador of the betting company.

About Gaimin Gladiators

Gaimin Gladiators ( were formed from the OCG Esports Club; a Canadian Esports organisation established in 2019 by brothers Nick and Alex Cuccovillo and Shawn Porter. Their aim was to conquer their chosen esports and since 2019 they have achieved significant success winning major events such as Dreamhack Canada for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and successfully competing in the highest pro-amateur league in North America.
Gaimin Gladiators will represent GAIMIN in the global esports arena and build on their past successes and growth by participating in current and new esports verticals. Gaimin Gladiators’ roster currently comprises teams competing in DOTA 2, Rocket League, PUBG Mobile.

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