Contender: Gaimin Gladiators vs Nigma Galaxy

Tour 1 of the Western European DPC season is steadily on the move, with the middle point of week 2 competition slowly finishing up. Gaimin Gladiators continued their journey and push to the Lima Major with an unfortunate hiccup after an early week 2 loss to one of the strongest contenders this split in OG. With the fast pacing and nature of the DPC, every week is necessary to compete at the very best, vying for one of four spots for Major qualification; but most importantly acquiring DPC points to push forward to the larger end goal of International 12 contention. 

Gaimin Gladiators second series of the week was against many originators in competitive dota’s inception, under player created organization; Nigma Galaxy. Created and pushed forward by the likes of Kuroky, GH and MinD_ContRoL; and with new adversaries of ATF and Sumail; Nigma Galaxy looked to combat naysayers and show their worth being a newly integrated Division two promotion winner.


With a 2-1 record, and 4-3 match score; Gaimin Gladiators looked to prove they were true contenders this DPC split, looking to maintain a lock within the top four, with one week and three series’ remaining; Gaimin Gladiators looked to call all the shots in Wednesday’s last series of the day, in hopes of coming out on top.

Game 1 

With one of the most interesting situational drafts in the opening DPC games; Gaimin Gladiators pulled out some trickery in the opening game series’. With Ace on carry Witch Doctor, and the support of Seleri’s IO; Ace was a force to be reckoned with the consistent tether, overcharge and Voodoo Restoration heal. The Gaimin Gladiators team were fighters through and through,  on the back of amazing Dyrachyo sunder saves,Lasso’s by Quinns Batrider, and the unkillable With Doctor at the 25 minute mark; Gaimin Gladiators played everything to perfection, winning a quick initial 36 minute game, with an exciting and unique strategy. 

Game 2 

Moving back to a traditional strategy; Gaimin Gladiators didn’t get the success they had in the initial game of the series. Nigma Galaxy pushed the pace early, maintaining solid map and gold advantages throughout. With important map picks, vision and control Gaimin Gladiators were no match for Nigma Galaxy in game 2, bringing the series to a winner take all Game 3 matchup.

Game 3 

The winner take all game 3 was the closest of the day's final series. With both teams trading early-mid game advantages; no one had precisely pushed the pedal to the metal with both teams only acquiring a less than 1,000 gold advantage at the 20th minute. This was until Gaimin Gladiators turned the tables. After a grueling ultimate heavy and tight fought 5 vs 5; Gaimin Gladiators finally pushed past the Nigma Galaxy team. Blowing the game open with a clean 5 for 0 trade; the Gladiators knew it was their time to pressure. With further consistent catch, teamfight heavy initiation, and on the back of the consistent Lina pick; Gaimin Gladiators made an otherwise close game look dominant; finishing up an exciting series at the 34 minute mark, prevailing for the 2-1 series win.

With the win, Gaimin Gladiators push themselves tied for second overall with a 3-1 record and a 6-4 game differential. Gaimin Gladiators return to action January 23rd, against current 1st place juggernaut Team Liquid, in a match-up you won't want to miss!

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Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Liquid 14:00 CT / STREAM

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer