An inaugural win for the Polish Prodigy: Kami Gamers8 Fornite Champion

After the exciting signing of Kami, one of the figureheads in the always popular battle royale title Fortnite; the polish prodigy looked to make an early impact after signing with the popular and dominant Gaimin Gladiators organization. Kami has demonstrated prowess as one of the most formidable opponents in the Fortnite community, achieving an exceptional variety of accolades alongside a 1st place at the FNCS Invitational 2022 and a 3rd at the prominent Gamers8 tournament. After dominating varying titles in the esports space thus far in 2023 and with the accolades, reputation and determination to be the best of the always exciting Michał 'KamiFN' Kamiński; the Gamers8 tournament would be the first stop in Gaimin Gladiators early introduction to the world of competitive Fortnite, a tournament starting the connection between the organizations early jump to a new title, and a player looking to win it all. Safe to say the early acquisition was a massive success, and the Polish prodigy pulled off another exceptional win under the Gaimin Gladiators already dominant brand.

Gamers8 has become a household name within the esports scene; providing some of the largest prize pools the esports ecosystem has seen to date. Ran by ESL and the Saudi Esports Federation (owned and operated by the Saudi Ministry of Sport) the tournament provides a deep dive into top tier tournament organization some only could dream to attend. After a successful Dreamhack Dallas earlier this 2023 season a direct qualification was achieved for Kami alongside 29 of the best competitive Fortnite has to offer. With $2 million plus on the line in the wonderful Riyadh Boulevard the opportunity is a hopeful one to attend, especially in the always grueling and strenuous world of competitive gaming. Kami however, didn't seem phased; taking Gamers8 by storm and making his first official tournament under the Gaimin Gladiators a successful one to say the least.

Teaming alongside partner and Twisted Minds own Aleksy "Japko" Jablonsk the Polish duo were a force to be reckoned with, dominating Day 1 with three 2nd place finishes and two victory royales patting their overall standings initially in a massive stance. The duo maintained in the running with three top 10 placements alongside a crucial 13 kill and 3rd place in day 2’s later rounds. With the final Day 3 on the horizon the Polish duo seemed locked in for a podium finish. Day 3 may have been the slowest of the three consecutive days, but with a stable last round 3rd placement alongside a satisfying five kill round 6, the Polish prodigy made history…

Kami is your Gamers8 Fortnite Champion! 

With the tournament's opening round of 1480 points (based on kills and placements) the tournament began in a remarkable fashion, providing the duo in a stable manner throughout. Winning by 600 points over tournament’s second place and Saudi Arabia’s own FHD and Hero, the Polish duo looked unstoppable throughout. With the win $500,000 achieved and a massive first victory for Kami, Japko and the Gaimin Gladiators organization. Even with the extra pressure from Gaimin Gladiators own Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp 1st place was acquired and the year of Gladiator dominance remained, even in a newly untapped title.

Congratulations to Kami on a successful debut win, the Gladiators legion grows stronger day by day and we look forward to your next achievements this 2023 season. For more information on Kami and the Gaimin Gladiators Fortnite team alongside all our professional esports competitors please stay tuned for blogs and content in all our esports ventures. Thank you for reading.  #AgainstAllOdds 

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer