RESILIENCE: Gaimin Gladiators Vs Entity Recap (Jan 9, 2023) 

The 2023 Western Europe Dota Pro Circuit has now begun; and with it comes inter-regional play vying for four possible spots at qualifying to the newly announced Lima Major; the first professional major event held in South America.

After a successful BetBoom Christmas event for the new Gaimin Gladiators roster; many eyes were on the Western Europe DPC Gladiators to continue competing at tip top form this starting season. January 9th; the inaugural start to the 2023 season, looked to be a starting point to a staple powerhouse region hoping to begin the year off on the right foot. Gaimin Gladiators season started with a matchup against a familiar tour competitor; Team Entity.

Finishing last years TI11 at the 9th-12th place, similar to Gaimin Gladiators; Entity has provided the Western European region with a consistent and competitive roster, bolstering 5th/6th placements in both ESL One Malaysia and the PGL Arlington Major; showcasing similar feats of strength throughout. 

With 2022 behind them, Gaimin Gladiators and Entity provided an opening day match-up that provided highs and lows, accumulating to the only full three game series of the day.

Game 1

The first game in this best of three series wasn’t what Gaimin Gladiators was hoping for; With the first game of the series going in the direction of Team Entity. After a 43 minute grueling brawl accumulating 45 total kills overall; the Gladiators looked to regain and decompress after a pop off performance by Entity’s newly acquired mid laner Watson on a favored mid hero; Lina.

Game 2 

After a unsuccessful opening game, Gaimin Gladiators turned into peak form, with successful team fighting and map control; having game 2 in a stranglehold by the 25th minute. With staple heroes such as Dyrachyo’s Lina, Quinns Pangolier and Ace’s Centaur Windrunner; Gaimin Gladiator turned the tables in the second game of the day with quite a one sided affair.

Game 3 

Keeping it consistent with Lina, Pangolier and Centaur Windrunner picks; Gaimin Gladiators hoped to replicate a solid game 2 performance in the winner take all third game. The early game was a weak point for the roster; being down consistenly with the strong early game fights and timings of Team Entity. With a flip of a switch at the 21 minute mark; Gaimin Gladiators showed true resilience, with a massive Ultra Kill on Dyrachyo after an immense team fight win, turning the tides in an otherwise unsuccessful start to game three. Not one but two ultra kills would be acquired by Dyrachyo; after a successful five for nothing team wipe and Aegis removal; quickly pushing Team Entity to the edge. After a 42 minute slugfest; Gaimin Gladiators once again came out on top with successful mid-game fights, on the back of a more than successful tri-core of Lina, Pangolier and Centaur Warrunner, winning the game and series overall.

Gaimin Gladiators begin their season 1-0 in the push to the South American Lima Major in late February 2023. Stay tuned here at the Gaimin Gladiators blog section for weekly recaps of all our Dota 2 action. Thanks for reading and Happy MMR hunting! 

Gaimin Gladiators return for their second set January 13th, with a date with DPC favorite Team Secret. 

Team Secret vs Gaimin Gladiators / 8:00 AM CT / STREAM

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer