A Global Accomplishment: FNCS 2023 Global Championship 

The stage was set, the final trek through the year long journey of the Fortnite Champion Series and the possibility of winning the prestigious crown and $1,000,000 that comes with the first place finale. Michal “Kami” Kaminski the Polish phenom arrived in the highly touted Capital of Denmark; Copenhagen in a position to win it all at the celebrated Royal Arena. The event provided 50 Fortnite duo teams the opportunity of a lifetime, hoping to change their lives in the always exciting battle royale phenomenon. Teaming alongside Iwo “Setty'' Zajac, sponsored by Western Europeans Tundra Esports; the team circulated plenty of success and acclaim after the immaculate accomplishment and Victory Royale earlier at the famous Riyadh Masters event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia just months prior. With their new embark in the season's final event, the team thanked the bus driver and made waves in the weekend long event, pushing European Fortnite that much more into the limelight, hoping to bring another Victory Royale to both respected brands. With 50 teams ready and willing to battle, the team pushed their way through showcasing excellent skills in one of the largest battle royale tournaments to date.

With the format calculating the top 25 teams to the upper bracket, the dynamic duo of Kami and Setty started off on the right foot. After an early round one 49th placement, the team avidly vamped up their play, with calculated, precise placements and persistent kills; the team claimed the upper bracket looking like a formidable foe throughout. Finishing day 1 with 217 points, 17 kills and a single 3rd place placement, the team finished 5th overall and as the lone European representative in the top 10 for the day. With it, a direct qualification to the tournament's Grand Finals stage, and a championship Sunday for the favored Polish comrades. 

Grand Final Sunday was a place Kami and Setty knew all too well. Playing as a top tier duo at the previous Riyadh Masters event provided the squad necessary experience at the year's final tournament and the highest degree of competitive Fortnite play seen thus far. Safe to say the duo kept up the pace. After yesterday’s unfortunate round 1 start the team changed the tempo, making round 1 in the Grand Finals stage a completely different story. Setting the tone with 4 kills and successful 3rd overall placement, the team started off on the right foot, in hopes of taking home a promising lump sum of the $3,992,000 prize pool. Round 2,3 and 5 unfortunately didn’t go the way of the Polish squad, with the volatile and compressed 100 man lobbies and intense second to second action, the team had unfortunate middle of the pack placements of 19th and 16th place, slowing down the pace in the quickened and heightened tournament nature. With their backs against the wall, the team didn’t back down. Round 6 the duo came to play, turning the tables on otherwise unfortunate circumstances, pushing them that much further up the Fortnite finale totem pole. Rounding out the day, the team showcased their true form, finalizing the day with a 2nd place finish and 4 kills, pushing them just across the goal line.

After a successful 3rd place opening finish, rounded out with a 2nd placement, and subsequent 16th, 19th, 6th and 19th with a collective 15 kills, the squad came up just a hair short, with an immaculate 271 point and 2nd place finish overall, the squad showcased true coordination, and teamwork in the years final tournament.

With a 2nd place finish, the squad of Kami and Setty showed true European potential and walked away with a life-changing $650,000 and Silver medal on the world's grandest Fortnite stage! With the success of Gaimin Gladiators own Michal “Kami” Kaminski and teammate  Iwo “Setty'' Zajac the Gladiators are beyond proud to join such an exciting and committed Esport, and hopes of bringing more Esports titles to come. We congratulate Kami and Setty on an immaculate year and we hope to continue to grow strong in the Fortnite Esport to come. We will see you on the battle bus very very soon.

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Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer