A Deep Dive into Premium Content on the Colosseum

With the Colosseum now live and operational with some features, let’s look into one of those features - Premium Content. In line with its goal to provide fans with a unique special experience, the Colosseum offers fans exclusive content beyond the regular ones posted on GG’s public channels; a step up in terms of quality and quantity. Content on the Colosseum is premium, meaning that only fans on the Silver package and above can access the Colosseum’s content. This is worthwhile because the Colosseum’s content unlocks a treasure trove of content that will expose the Gaimin Gladiators in a way you haven’t seen before. So, let’s dive in.

Types of Premium Content You Get in the Colosseum

Detailed and Exclusive Announcement Posts

Updates and announcements are made on GG public channels, but in the Colosseum, we give more detailed posts explaining and giving context to our announcements. This way you are better informed than others in the public because of this additional information. The Colosseum also gives you the inside scoop on upcoming tournaments, campaigns, player signings, and game-changing developments about the Gaimin Gladiators organization before the public does.

Extended Cuts & Behind-the-Scenes Content

Content on the Colosseum gives you more than others, and this can also be seen in our extended version of GG content. In the Colosseum, you get extended versions of the content that not even the public has. You get to see the full version of the videos that you see us post in public, how they are made, and some cut scenes. This content is brimming with uncut moments and insights into the full process of producing the content, giving you a deeper look into your favorite player’s personalities off the main stage. You get to witness what goes on behind the cameras and see firsthand how your favorite types of GG content are produced.

Early Access to GG Content

See it before others! The Colosseum gives you early access to new GG content before the rest of the community gets it. Be first in line to savor the thrill of the new content before others do, thereby enhancing your viewing experience.

But that's not all! These contents also come in various media forms. 

Various Media of Content on the Colosseum

News Posts

On the Colosseum, you get news and updates about the Gaimin Gladiators in the form of eye-catching banners and detailed text posts.

Moments: Short-Form Videos

From behind-the-scenes clips and personal insights shared by our GG players, the Colosseum provides you with short-form video content that captures Gaimin Gladiators' moments in ways you never knew before. These are short-form content that leaves you wanting more.

Videos: Long-Form Videos

The Colosseum also offers fans exclusive, scintillating, long-form content. From in-depth documentaries to exclusive unedited conversations (interviews) with players, managers, and other members of the GG team, the Colosseum gives you high-quality longer video content that delves deeper into the Gaimin Gladiators.

How to Access Premium Content on The Colosseum

  1. Log in to your Colosseum account or create one if you haven’t. You can start signing up by clicking “Become a member”.

  1. Once logged into your Colosseum account, you will be automatically directed to the Colosseum’s Content page.

  1. The Colosseum’s Content page is divided into 4 sections:some text
    1. The Banner section for making timely announcements and important action items for fans.
    2. The Moments section is for the Colosseum’s short-form content. These moments capture short behind-the-scenes, highlights and sneak peeks into the life of the GG team.
    3. The Videos section is for the Colosseum’s longer-form content. These include podcasts, interviews, documentaries, and other longer forms of content.
    4. The News section is for detailed posts covering important GG news and events.

  1. The Colosseum also offers you the features to “react” and share your thoughts on content. With the “Comment” sections coming soon, fans will be able to share their opinions about the content they just watched and be able to suggest the type of content they want to see next from the team.

Why go for Premium Content on the Colosseum?

Think of the Colosseum’s Premium Content as a vault for more exclusive information and entertainment from the GG team. It's a space where you can indulge your passion for esports content to the next level. It's not just about the content; it's about the exclusive community and the sense of belonging it fosters, as you also get to see others' reactions and opinions about certain GG subjects.

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