A Venture in Riyadh: Gaimin Gladiators Gamers 8 Rocket League

Gamers8; an International esports venture pushing the highest level of competitive esports in the beautiful city of Riyadh,Saudi Arabia, continued the month’s event in the year's most anticipated esports festival. The next esports event within the Gamers8 and the Gaimin Gladiators organization was one of the year's largest growing esports; Psyonixs Rocket League. As one of the largest prize pools in all of the years esports circuits; Gamers8 provided various tournaments summoning the best competitors from across the world, battling for not only a chance at the various 2+ million dollar prize pools, but gaining valuable points for the various organizations tallying to hopefully push there organization up the totem pole of the Gamers8 Club Awards. Gaimin Gladiators APAC Rocket League roster coming off a Worlds Qualification, turned their unappointed attention to Riyadh in hopes of gaining valued points, experience and practice for the next steps in their competitive journey. The Asia Pacific roster of Maxeew, OSM, newly appointed American Flitz and coach Markydooda took to the pitch, in hopes of making waves in the tough and hostile competitive Rocket League environment. With Group A set, the touted Gaimin Gladiator roster made course for a clash against veteran North American Optic Gaming.

Optic Gaming vs Gaimin Gladiators (Group A - Upper Bracket Quarterfinals)

The late August date was set, and the Gaimin Gladiators looked to knock-off North American’s persistent Optic Gaming roster, who narrowly missed out on World qualification a month prior. The series first started off in the beautiful Mannfield (night) with both teams battling back and forth. After the unfortunate 23/24th placing in the World Championships the newly introduced Flitz and company looked like a persistent foe, taking the game to a nail biting OT in the series’ opening game. Unfortunately for the Gaimin Gladiators side, game one went to the likes of the GreenWall pushing the envelope and adapting, with veteran Retals manning the helm. Game two provided a glimpse at potential with the Gaimin Gladiators taking it to the Optic Gaming roster with unlikely promise for a newly introduced 3rd man; winning game 2 easily 5-2. Yet Game three came down to yet another one score game, a scene often perpetrated in the Gladiators previous competitive history; Losing Game three in a close 1-0 fashion. After the heartbreaking two losses by only a smidge of differential, Game four was Optic’s through and through. Completely taking over the pitch rattling off the games and series 5-2 and 3-1 respectfully.

On the back of a tight contest, the Gladiators readied their weapons for lower bracket play, maintaining their stance in the diverse and grueling Gamers8 tournament; The Gladiators had the pleasure of competing against the worlds best, Rocket League’s 2023 World Championship winning Team Vitality.

Team Vitality vs Gaimin Gladiators (Group A - Lower Bracket Quarterfinals)

Seeing the World champion in the lower bracket came as a surprise to many, and in the wake the Gladiators looked to pull off an upset. After a close 3-2 defeat to the hands of Oxygen Gaming; 2023 World Champion Team Vitality looked to continue a successful year of Rocket League dominance in an unfamiliar lower bracket position. Game one was the closest competition the Group B lower bracket quarterfinals provided, as the World Champions turned up the heat moving like a recent champion ought to do. Winning game one 3-0, the team maintained pace and didn’t allow the newly touted Gaimin Gladiators roster a chance to breathe. The always performing APAC Gaimin Gladiators were no match for the best in the world losing game two and three in swift fashion, yet showcasing goal scoring potential with a respectable six goal game two performance. As a new roster the Gladiators fought valiantly, but unfortunately did not match-up to a vigorous and World Champion caliber Team Vitality, who pushed their way through a strong lower bracket, finishing 5th-8th in one of the strongest tournaments the Rocket League world has seen to date.

With the introduction of North American Dylan “Flitz” Taussig the Gaimin Gladiators Rocket League have the potential to overcome the often understated APAC regional woes. With the new roster in key form the Gaimin Gladiators are excited to see the next steps in becoming not only a respectable regional competitor but one that hopes to push forward in the strong history of competitive Rocket League as a world class opponent. With various tournament experiences, and Riyadhs redeeming practice, the Gladiators turn their attention to the upcoming Regional season, in hopes of once again playing on the biggest stages. #AgainstAllOdds the Rocket League Gladiators stay poised to what comes next.

Congratulations to Version1 on their Riyadh Masters 2023 victory, and to the lovely city of Riyadh for their hospitality. For more information on Gaimin Gladiators Rocket League, and all our professional esports teams stay tuned here for recaps, blogs and content in all our esports ventures. Thank you for reading. #AgainstAllOdds

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer