A New Age: Gaimin Gladiators 2.0

Before this article begins, we first want to give a massive thank you to all the Gaimin Gladiators fans and supporters who followed our journey throughout TI11, and we hope you stay connected to us throughout our journey in Dota 2, and all other esports ventures.

The International 11 and its conclusion starts one of the most exciting events for the professional dota offseason; The post TI shuffle. Roster shuffles are inevitable in pro gaming, and Dota amplifies that ten-fold, with various player, organization and regional changes to come.

After our departure at The International 11, we announced that Miroslav “Boom” Bičan and coach Daniel “ImmortalFaith” Moza would not be continuing with us moving forward. We thank Boom and ImmortalFaith for their investment in the original iteration of our Dota 2 Gaimin Gladiators team, and wish both nothing but the best for years to come. Thank you for your dedication, and helping get us to the grandest stage of Dota 2 competition.

With the vacancy of our solo middle position, we announce the newest addition to the Gaimin Gladiators Dota 2 roster: Quinn “Quinn” Callahan

quinn esl
(Quinn Callahan Via Liquipedia Dota 2)

Previously with stapled rosters such as Optic Gaming, Newbee, Quincy Crew and most recently Soniqs Esports; Quinn or formerly CC&C, a veteran of the North American Dota 2 and DPC scene, joins Gaimin Gladiators, in the Western European region.

Quinn began competing in 2012, and has consistently competed at the highest level both within the North American region alongside varying International success. Attending every International since 2018, with a 7th/8th finish at TI8, Quinn provides a plethora of experience, passion and skill, Quinn looks to help push Gaimin Gladiators further in next year's DPC season.

The newly acquired Gladiator to a second to comment:

“First of all thank you for the time Quinn. What expectations do you have with the team this DPC season, especially moving from North America, into the Western European scene; considered one of, if not the strongest scenes in prior years?

“In terms of expectations it’s hard to say; EU is definitely the hardest region to compete in for DPC, but also the best for improving, so I wouldn’t say I expect stuff so much as I’m just glad to get to have some stiffer competition with a new group of guys that I can learn with. The change of pace will be really nice for me I think.”

“With this new season, is there anything you are looking forward to, with this change of scenery?”

“Definitely looking forward to getting new perspectives on Dota; When you play with the same group of players for a really long time things can get sort of stagnant or assumed and having that spiced up is really nice. Also looking forward to new problems to solve and overcome. Along with perspectives being the same the issues you have also tend to be quite similar so having new stuff to solve will be really nice.”

“The floor is yours; Feel free to give any shoutouts or personal comments!”

“Shoutout to all the people who have helped me get here both in and out of Dota, I would be absolutely nowhere without the legion of awesome people who have poured into me, grateful to get to do this for a living.”

Alongside the addition of Quinn Callahan; Coach Aske “Cy-” Larsen joins the Gaimin Gladiators Dota 2 roster. Ex-Danish player, and longtime companion of ToFu and Ace ; Cy- has been a consistent figure within the scene and looks to provide greater depth, theorycrafting and consistency to greater heights.

(Cy via @GaiminGladiator Twitter

Cy- commented: 

I have gotten the honor of coaching Gaimin Gladiators this upcoming season and I’m super excited about it! I knew ToFu and Ace before joining GG and we share very similar views on the game and generally speak a lot about Dota and theorycrafting. 

My expectation is that we work hard and enter every game to win it. Everybody on the team is highly motivated and our team atmosphere is great! I’m very optimistic about the season.

Shoutout to my team and to GG for taking a chance with me as coach.”

GG dota 2

Our Dota 2 roster is now finalized and the entire Gaimin Gladiators organization is excited for the newest acquisitions to shine in next year's DPC season. The Gaimin Gladiators begin their journey in the Western European DPC Tour 1 January 2023, hopeful for another successful year in professional Dota 2 Esports. 

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Happy MMR hunting, and to all our supporters a safe and happy holiday to all! #AgainstAllOdds

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer