Experience: RLCS Winter Major Overview

The 12th professional Rocket League esports season is steadily driving its course, maintaining their stance as one of the best competitive gaming titles over recent years. After the initial season's departure to Rotterdam, the Rocket League Championship Series made its winter major clash in San Diego, California; and this time with the Asia Pacific leading Gaimin Gladiators roster. Composed of LCT, Maxeew, OSM and Markydooda; the Gaimin Gladiators looked to showcase the newly developed Asia Pacific region, looking to push the region into the next steps of competitive integrity.

With 310,000 USD on the line the Gladiators departed to the San Diego Convention Centre and a Group C date with the likes of Team Liquid Team Secret and Ground Zero Gaming.

Group Stage 

Operating in a fast and vastly unforgiving fashion; the group stage portion promoted three teams to playoff contention, and the one unfortunate roster packing their bags back home. With minimal expectations for the APAC winning Gladiator roster, the odds were against them on a group stage competitive slate that came with an unfortunate ending, against some of the regions most dominating teams.

First up was Team Liquid, qualifying through the European winter rankings, came as a team with both experience and continuous success in one of the world’s strongest regions. With veterans amongst them including Acronik, Oski and Atow; the Team Liquid roster came out the gates in a strong, unwilling fashion. Winning their series over the Gladiator roster 3-0, on the tournament's opening day.

Looking for a bounce back, the Gladiators roster turned their attention to the South American winter leading roster in Team Secret. One of the most experienced South American teams, and with prior year’s success and tournament contention; the Gladiators were climbing up a slippery slope. With unfortunate consecutive shutout losses to the hands of Team Secret, Gaimin Gladiators still maintained hope, moving their undivided focus onto their last chance of playoff contention and a hopeful first series’ victory over the Oceania Ground Zero Gaming roster. 

With the refreshing feel of on stage play, and the crowds chanting loudly; the Gladiators looked to maintain their lives with their final on-stage series against Ground Zero Gaming. With both teams 0-2; one team looked to keep pace in the quickly progressing San Diego Winter Major, and one’s hopeful first round playoff series.  

Gaimin Gladiators vs Ground Zero Gaming came to be the closest series for the Gladiator roster; but with unfortunate circumstances. With narrow one goal losses; the Gladiators San Diego lives came to an end, on the back of an exciting series that could’ve gone either way. With the unfortunate bounces, and inexperience of the region; the Gladiators still maintained their spot in a widely diverse Rocket League esports ecosystem, looking to bring back experience, ideals and mastery for both the team and future APAC hopefuls. The Gladiators have proved their strength within the Asia Pacific competitive landscape, and look to re-secure their major stance with the upcoming RLCS Spring circuit.

 Best said by Louis Christian Thamrun (LCT) captain of the Gladiators Rocket League roster in prior months: 

Honestly I also really miss being in that competitive esports LAN environment again. Being next to my teammates playing some car ball and having fun and of course meeting the fans.” 

Via The Gladiators Reign Supreme Article - Gaimin Gladiators / March 21, 2023  

The first step has been achieved and we are proud to continue to support the success of the APAC region and the Gladiator team as a whole, who continue to push the envelope in hopes of developing further in the always exciting Rocket League phenomenon. #AgainstAllOdds. Spring is just around the corner.

Experience is the teacher of all things.” - Julius Caesar 

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Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer