Gaimin Gladiators Sign 3 Year Partnership with Shikenso Analytics

Gaimin Gladiators are delighted to announce the continuation of its partnership with Shikenso.

Formed in early 2022, the Gaimin Gladiators esports teams have demonstrated success in all esports genres, most notably with the world’s number one DOTA 2 team.

Key to managing the expectations of sponsors is the ability for Gaimin Gladiators to demonstrate the visibility of sponsor brand assets across all media streaming platforms. The greater the visibility, the greater the return on investment for the brand. The better the team performs, the more media impressions achieved by the team.

In 2022, Gaimin Gladiators achieved 5 billion media impressions, this is expected to increase to 10 billion media impressions in 2023. Without the data processing and image analysis expertise of Shikenso, Gaimin Gladiators would not have this information and not be in a position to identify the sponsor’s return on investment.

Shikenso are a leading organisation tracking marketing metrics within the esports industry. Their analysis, insights and intelligence quickly enables Gaimin Gladiators to provide sponsor feedback and demonstrate the return on their investment. As the Gaimin Gladiators continue to achieve considerable success, the importance of being able to monitor and report impressions increases.

To this end, following a successful first year, Gaimin Gladiators have signed a three year contract with Shikenso to showcase the marketing metrics we can provide to our sponsors, along with the appropriate analysis, such as per team, per event, per player impressions, all facilitating the ability of Gaimin Gladiators and a sponsor to fine-tune any brand visibility and awareness opportunities."

Alexander Cuccovillo (VP & Co Founder) " We are delighted to continue our partnership with Shikenso. Over the last year we have worked closely with them allowing us to demonstrate what we can provide to partners as well as future partners. They have some of the best technology in the business and couldnt be happier with their product and the staff behind them.

Gaimin Gladiators
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