Empowered: Western Europe DPC Tour 2 - Week 3 + Tiebreaker

The last week of tour two is now behind us and the goal continues to remain the same; ESL One Berlin 2023 qualification and chance at maintaining the race in the always competitive and rapidly developing Dota Pro Circuit season. With money, points and glory on the line in the last week of the Western European DPC tour two the Gaimin Gladiators roster looked to lock up a spot in the top four on their hopeful departure to Berlin. With a 3-1 record and expectations a plenty; the Gladiators fought hard in the tours final week.

Week three started out in the right direction; competing against an always mentioned European competitor in Team Entity.

Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Entity  (March 27, 2023)

Slated to lock-up a top four placement within the region; Gaimin Gladiators opened up the final week of tour two with confident and consistent gameplay against an unimpressive Team Entity roster; who lost both series’ 2-0 in weeks past. Playing to their strengths, the Gladiator team made work of the slowly downfalling Entity roster; consistently out laning, team fighting, and out-drafting the likes of their Western European foes. Completing the series’ 2-0 the Gladiators turned to an impressive 4-1 series overall; climbing the ladder that much higher to Berlin qualification.

Gaimin Gladiators vs Tundra Esports (March 29, 2023) 

Similarly to Team Entity’s downfall, Tundra Esports; last year's International champions didn’t look up to previous months expectations. On the back of 1-1 series’ conclusions, and a 0-2 series’ domination by the hands of Ooredoo Thunder; Tundra looked to maintain their place in a topsy turvy Western European race. Contrary to their opponent; the Gladiator roster looked to lock up a spot in the year’s second major, continuing their path to DPC point acquisition in hopes of the grandest stage in Dota competition, The International. Unfortunately the flight to Berlin would have to wait for Major one’s winning Gladiator roster. On the back of a close game one defeat; and a lopsided game two finish; the Gladiators suffered their first series’ defeat since their March 15th meeting with newcomer Ooredoo Thunder. With the loss, contenders rejoiced, while Gaimin Gladiators looked fretful; potentially losing their grasp on qualification to their Western Europe counterparts. With an overall now of 4-2, a win would seal the deal to Berlin, but things wouldn’t come so easy.

Gaimin Gladiators vs Nigma Galaxy (March 31, 2023)

Coming into the series’ 2-4; the Nigma Galaxy roster looked to maintain their stance in the diverse and competitive Western European Division one scene, hoping for an upset. Looking to keep pace with the world's strongest competitive region; Nigma Galaxy looked to turn heads in both teams' last set of the tour, with many implications on the line. A win would push them into a stable stance in Division one play; while to the Gladiators a win would encapsulate a season of success, but most importantly a glimpse at another Major spectacle.

With their Division one lives on the line; Nigma Galaxy proved to be no easy task. Nigma Galaxy opened the series’ strong and proficient, looking to pull off the upset in a seemingly easy fashion, after a 34 minute whooping. This wouldn’t last for the modest middle ground Nigma roster however; as the game one spanking looked to open the eyes of the once Western European Gladiators we’ve come to know. Turning the tables in the right direction; game two was a completely revitalized roster proving to be a top contender. With the series dialed in at a game a piece; game three continued the one sided affairs. In a meager 26 minutes, the juggernaut, Major one winning Gaimin Gladiator roster showcased dominance, winning the game and the series’ in crushing fashion. 

Winning the series provided lots to be desired; giving the Gladiators their second consecutive Major qualification on route to the ESL One Berlin Major later this April.

After another fair showing by the Western European Gaimin Gladiator roster, the team turns their attention to Berlin, in hopes of maintaining their stance as one of the strongest teams in this year's competitive slate. This wouldn’t be the last series of this tour however, as the 2nd/3rd place qualifier was still in place.

Gaimin Gladiators vs Tundra Esports - Tiebreaker (April 3, 2023) 

With both teams suited for Berlin, the 2nd/3rd place tiebreaker provided little in hindsight, but large in value. Dota Pro Circuit points provides massive inclinations for the entirety of the year's competitive tournaments, as the top 12 highest DPC earners qualify directly to International competition. With 80 extra DPC points on the line, the tiebreaker proved to be a back and forth brawl from the world's strongest region. 

Coming out on the back of a 2-1 week three performance, the Tundra roster showcased their competitiveness, maintaining their stance as one of the best in not only the region but also the world, hoping to continue prior years success. With an opening series win, game two proved to be quite the opposite in favor of the Gaimin Gladiators. Winning in a measly 29 minutes, the Gladiators came back as they always do, giving it their all in hopes of extra DPC point accumulation. With the stage set for game three, the last game definitely didn’t disappoint. After a 60 minute grueling battle, the winner was crowned and not to the liking of the Gaimin Gladiators organization. In a back and forth fight for circuit points the unfortunate loss came to the hand of an invigorated Tundra roster, locking up 2nd place overall pushing the Gladiators down in a still impressive 3rd place finish.

With the Tour two, and tiebreaker behind them the goal is simple; Continue the major of prior success, and maintain their push to International 12 qualification. Their tickets are booked, the score has been settled and now comes the time to battle #AgainstAllOdds showing why the Gladiators continue to be the strongest in the world. Major two is just around the corner and the Gladiators will be ready and waiting.


Thank you for reading. We cannot wait to see all our die-hard Gladiators fans in Berlin later this April! For more information on Gaimin Gladiators Dota 2, and all our professional esports teams stay tuned here for recaps, blogs and content in all our esports ventures. Berlin here we come!   

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer