A Culmination of Street Fighter Excellence - Xian: Capcom Cup X 

With the 2023 Capcom Pro Tour coming to a close, Capcom Cup X provides the finest Street Fighter contenders, vying for a chance at the unthinkable $1,000,000 prize and a chance at being the best Street Fighter 6 player in the world. After the culmination of 2023’s Capcom Pro Circuit the 48 best competitors from around the world gathered up in the AVALON Hollywood & Bardot venue in Los Angeles, California ready to hit the streets in hopes of becoming the best Street Fighter 6 player in its early competitive inception.

Kun Xian Ho, also referred to as Xian, looked to make a mark, hoping to bring a Street Fighter 6 title back to the coliseum. Recently acquired, Xian looked poised to continue his FGC legacy as one of the most well known competitive Singaporean players, competing since 2009 with remarkable accomplishments. As a previous EVO 2013 Champion, dominating Street Fighter V accomplishments and becoming one of the strongest in the Asia Southeast region; Xian looked like a formidable foe ready to compete on the grandest stages of them all.

Xian’s qualification to Capcom Cup X began in the late stages of 2023, with his successful victory in Capcom’s CPT 2023 World Warrior: Asia Southeast Regional in November. With the introduction to the June 2023 release of Street Fighter 6, Xian adapted quickly to the title, putting past titles behind him, and continuing his winning ways. With victories in the Asia Southeast Regional final, and subsequent Asia SouthEast Online event victory; Xian conquered the early qualification portion, pushing past the region and onto the main stage of Capcom Cup X. With 48 of the best players ready to conquer, the professional Street Fighter world turned their attention to Los Angeles, California; ready to see the best compete in Capcom's everlasting fighting game title.

Locked into Group E with notable competitors including Spain's Samoel, Brazilian attendee NamikazeExTM, Poland’s Myrken; alongside multiple EVO winners in Japan's Fuudo and USA representative Snake Eyez. The group stage was set, alongside some of the best Street Fighter competitors, looking to push past the early 8 group portion, in hopes of playing on the main stage. Xian opened up Day 1 with a bang taking Dee Jay to the stage in impressive fashion. With a swift 2-0 victory over Poland’s representative Myrken alongside a nail biting 2-1 Dee Jay ditto victory over Brazil’s hopeful NamikazeExTM; Xian started his Capcom run on the right foot, getting the early tournament jitters out the way. Xian’s success vastly continued with Group E Day 2 opening 2-0 victory of Samoel and an EVO Championship battle and victory over North American native Snake Eyez in tight 2-1 fashion; Xian looked poised to take top spot on the group, yet another EVO champion looked to break the undefeated streak. Day 3 and another Dee Jay vs Dee Jay bout, this time against the only other undefeated competitor Fuudo, in hopes of locking up the #1 seed in the group. Fortunately that’s exactly what occurred, with another impressive 2-0 against the groups #2 seed in convincing fashion. The group stage portion was fulfilled, with an impressive 5-0 series record, Xian’s path continued, moving onward to upper bracket contention..

Quarter Finals were up next, and the push for Street Fighter 6’s first Capcom World Champion was on the near horizon. Next up was Xian's best of five battle with South Korean Regional winner Leshar, in a back and forth bout for semi-final contention. With alternating play, Xian and Leshar traded blows; with Leshar narrowly getting the better of them. With incredible masterclass Chun-Li play, the South Korean regional winner bested Xian 3-2, knocking the previously undefeated veteran to the lower bracket. With a second life in the lower bracket, Xian looked to shake off his game five loss, hoping to bounce back against the other South Korean representative, NL. After a nail biting loss to Leshar; Xian looked to start his lower bracket run on the right foot, unfortunately another game five would come to bite back once again. After starting down 0-2 in the set, Xian, poised and ready for a comeback, slowly brought the set back, winning games three and four fairly convincingly. Unfortunately game five shadowed Xian’s potential reverse sweep, losing a close series after an impressive comeback streak. 

After a strangling group stage performance and thus unfortunate game five losses; Xian’s Capcom Cup X run had come to an end finishing with an impressive 12th place finish, showcasing some of the strongest Dee Jay skills in the early stages of competitive Street Fighter 6 play. Though his Capcom Cup X may have come short, we congratulate Xian on an impressive event, and look forward to more Street Fighter events to come in the early stages of the title's competitive history. 

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Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer