The Mobile Monsters Strike - Gaimin Gladiators PUBG Mobile Pro League Europe Spring Champion 2023

The month-long European PUBG Mobile European Pro League provides the highest level of competitive PUBGM, and the Gaimin Gladiators looked to enter the arena once again, hoping to win the first mobile title in the organization's early inception. With the recently acquired roster the best was yet to come and the PMPL EU Spring showcased the best of the always dominant Gladiator roster. Consisting of three phases, a month long map and group rotation, with 20 teams competing for $100,000 the Gladiators steadied their course looking to become the year's first European champions.

The Gaimin Gladiators maintained steady throughout phases one to three looking to obtain a plethora of points accumulating to the PMPL EU Finals. With exceptional phases consisting of 181, 172 and 182 points respectively the Gladiators locked up a top five overall within the league and a grand total of 535 points, pointing there direction as one of the best within the region, and high hopes of grasping the year’s first regional title.

The finals became peak form for the highly anticipated Gaimin Gladiator roster, and in swift fashion. In the 18 round grueling final format the Gladiators maintained their pace, placing 1st twice, 2nd four times and three rounds of double digit kills, the points were immaculate pushing them above all the competition. In a close nail biting finish against the first place Major Pride, the Gladiator's pursuit of a PMPL EU regional championship came to fruition, narrowly beating out their Russian counterparts 226 to 222. 

After a grueling month-long competitive slate, the Gladiators once again reign supreme, with the previous accolades deemed behind them an early 2023 win has pushed them over the edge, hopeful to once again take the world by storm.

The Gaimin Gladiators are PMPL Europe 2023 Spring Champions!

Congratulations to our always exciting roster, we are ecstatic to continue our push in all our esports ventures and we congratulate our PUBG Mobile team on a wonderful Spring split! 

Sergey “KITSUNE” Pomerantsev

Vitalii “Matic” Shulga

Daniil “Tixzy” Gordeev

Alexey “Mequ” Tolov


Sergejs “Blamous” Albamonovs


Oleg “Jak2oO” Porotnikov

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Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer