Betboom XMAS Show: A Festive Dota 2 Story

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our wonderful readers. We wish everyone a wonderful introduction to the New Year and hope you stay connected with us in all our competitive adventures!

2022 has now rounded its course; but just around the bend, and with much excitement resumes our competitive journey in the Western DPC Tour 1, beginning January 9th, 2023. Before our DPC journey begins however, Santa came a bit early for this year's Dota 2 Gaimin Gladiators in the form of the BetBoom XMAS Show. With some of the best European and CIS teams competing for 50,000 USD between the dates of December 16 and 29th. Gaimin Gladiators came in with their newly finalized roster, looking for some pre DPC practice. Safe to say the Gladiators came in full force. 

Gaimin Gladiators being seeded in the Final Stage; didn't need to qualify to playoffs, jumpstarting straight into best of three action in the form of upper and lower bracket competition. Completing 2-0 series wins over Nemiga Gaming and Virtus.Pro in the quarter and semifinals; Gaimin Gladiators moved into the upper bracket final against a familiar foe; Team Spirit. 

One of the strongest teams in recent years; the CIS monsters came into the XMAS Show with a similar roster change in the departure of TORONTOTOKYO and the introduction of Larl; former player of BetBoom. 

Larl, Yatoro and the rest of Team Spirit came out of the gates swinging with wins over Entity 2-0, Hellraiser 2-1 and continuing their strong playoff play giving the Gladiators their first defeat 2-0 in convincing form. 

Thankfully the lower bracket provides a second chance at life; and in true Gladiator fashion we came back strong and true to the Gladiator name. With an exciting lower bracket final victory over the lower bracket surging Nemiga Gaming; Gaimin Gladiators, moved to the Grand Finals, Once again facing off against Team Spirit in a best of 5 rematch that was one for ages.

With unreal back and forth action, almost four hours of in-game Winter Seasonal Terrain, games averaging 47:46 in length; The Gaimin Gladiators battled their way out on top in this festive Dota 2 competition, finalizing the year with a BOOM right in time for the New Year; slaying the dragon of Team Spirit with great poise. 

The BetBoom experience was one for the Gaimin Gladiator books! Showcasing what great potential this roster has for many DPC seasons to come. 

Quinn stated Via Twitter: 

“Feels really good to win our first tourney, big thanks to my team and Shad for helping us out big time. GG’s to spirit they’re such a cool team.” 

Gaimin Gladiators wants to give a massive thank you to Indji “Shad” Lub for filling in this tournament, in place of our beloved Dyrachyo.  We are extremely grateful for the time, effort and short term commitment and wish you nothing but the best in 2023! We also want to give a massive shoutout to BetBoom, and the organizer FISSURE for our invitation into a festive and enjoyable Christmas tournament. Thank you for putting on such an exciting and professional event; we look forward to seeing everyone who competed and who will be competing throughout this new DPC season.

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Happy MMR Hunting, and New Year to all! Stay connected here for everything Gaimin Gladiators!

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer