We Decide Our Fate : Pro League Split 1 EMEA

The Apex Legends Global Series; the highest tier of professional Apex Legends, has just begun the latest installment in this 2022-2023 season.

Gaimin Gladiators with the newest acquisition of Hardecki, Leogri3x6, Artyco and Pkmk formerly of Gambit Gaming and FA Kitties; The Juggernaut Gaimin Gladiators look to continue their imposing ways as a major threat within the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, and the world as a whole.

Mentioned previously; The newly acquired roster went through an informational ebb and flow of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine; With EA making the difficult decision to remove Russia and Belarus from the Apex Legends Esports Program. With the support and help from the Gaimin Gladiator's staff, upper management and a necessary relocation; Gaimin Gladiators formed together on Serbian soil, stronger than ever to continue our path to Apex Legends glory.

“The team feels good! First of all I would like to thank the organization that provided comfortable conditions and always comes to meet us if there is at least some sort of discomfort. Our expectations are to show high results and reach the top of the EMEA region. We are working on it and going through a period of adaptation, considering our conditions and the current level of competitiveness in our region.” - Artem “Pkmk” Nechaev Coach Apex Legends

(Game day 1 image Via @GaiminGladiator Twitter)

Apex Legends Global Series 2022-2023 Split 1 Pro League

Opening the season, Gaimin Gladiators didn’t come out of the gate as the collective juggernauts we’ve come to know. Only accumulating 9 points in the initial two days of competition; Gaimin Gladiators needed to knock off some rust; putting the initial days behind them and hoping to reemerge as the titans known within this strong EMEA region.

And that’s exactly what they did.

On their 3rd competitive day; Gaimin Gladiators showcased their true coordination and precision, with an astounding 25 points, highest out of all competitive teams on day 4, putting them at a solid 11th spot with five more days remaining overall. Competitive days four, five and six unfortunately did not provide the astounding competitiveness that was shown on days prior, only accumulating 12 points, for a grand total of 46, seeding us with an overall of 22nd place. A rough start to the EMEA pro league season; Gaimin Gladiators maintains their place in the pro league, but unfortunately does not qualify to the regional LAN.

Following the results, Hardecki; Winner of the EMEA Slayer award prior, came out with a saddening update regarding his and the teams play in this initial split. Via Twitlonger Hardecki stated:

“Sorry for the whining, but I have made the decision to change and work harder, I want to be strong again mentally, physically and in IGLing, start a new life and stop being a depressed boy. I’m grateful to everyone for your sport, I let you down a lot when many of you think I’m one of the best players who support me. I will try to take it all back and become even stronger.”

Support is exactly what Hardecki received from the community; with various figure-heads reaching out including TSM’s ImperialHal, commentators Raynday, Onset and even the PlayApex Esports Twitter account to name a few.

Although best said by Co-Founder and President of Gaimin Gladiators Nick Cuccovillo;

“I can see a whole army supporting you guys! We are an empire you are with the gladiators. Just remember you never lose, you either win or learn. THAT’S A GLADIATORS MENTALITY.”

(ALGS Split 1 “Thank you” Via @GaiminGladiator)

Regardless of our initial split in this EMEA region, Gaimin Gladiators shows true that we are a family, an army ever evolving, even when times are tough, we live, we learn and we adapt. To our Apex team and to all Gladiators competing under the banner; Stay strong against all odds and stay tuned to all our competitive games in ALGS EMEA Split 2.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned to all Gaimin Gladiators news, teams and announcements here and on our social platforms.

Happy Holidays to all our wonderful Gladiators! #AgainstAllOdds

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer