The Colosseum Recap April 2024

Welcome GG Crowd to our inaugural monthly recap of The Gaimin Gladiators Colosseum! April has been an electrifying month as we launched the Colosseum and kicked off this journey with an array of exciting features that will pioneer more to come. The features launched on the Colosseum this April include Monetised Streaming, Premium Content, Fan Profile Area, as well as the GG Digital Proof of Attendance. In this article, we will cover these features in highlights.

Monetized Streaming

Experience esports like never before with our monetized streaming features - Donation and Watch-to-Earn. With the Colosseum’s monetized streaming features, both GG creators and fans can access financial opportunities while enjoying the streaming experience on our platform.

The ‘Donate’ feature lets you donate Gamin Gladiators Fan Tokens to your favorite creators on the Colosseum in-stream while the ‘Watch-to-Earn’ feature lets you earn Gamin Gladiators Fan Tokens when streaming on the Colosseum. With the Colosseum’s monetized streaming, streaming is no longer a passive activity, but a more engaging activity with financial incentives for both creators and fans.

For more information on the Colosseum’s Monetised Streaming features, read this article.

Premium Content

Unlock exclusive access to premium content curated specially for our most dedicated fans. Content on the Colosseum gives you a deep dive into behind-the-scenes footage, tournament documentaries, player interviews, highlight moments, insightful analysis, and many other content that gives you more information and entertainment from Gaimin Gladiators. This exclusive content helps you stay connected to GG and get to know about your favorite players and our team on a personal level. Premium content on the Colosseum comes in various forms; news articles, images, long and short-form videos, etc. For more information on the Colosseum’s Premium Content, read this article we wrote about this feature.

Fan Profile Area

The Colosseum lets you create your personalized fan profile. This special fan profile area consists of an info section that contains your basic information and social profiles, in addition to a fan passport section where you can showcase your claimed GG assets on the Colosseum. It's your space where you can create a unique fan identity with Gaimin Gladiators and engage with our esports community like never before.

Digital Proof of Attendance (DPAs)

Digital Proof of Attendance (DPAs) are digital collectibles that fans claim to prove your attendance at an event. By claiming GG DPAs, you get to own a unique piece of that event and the moments associated with it. Our fans can get to relive these exciting moments with GG as much as they want with these blockchain-stored collectibles. DPAs on the Colosseum could also open you up to tradeable opportunities and bigger rewards in the future, with the more DPAs you collect. To mark the launch of the GG DPAs, our team will give away the first edition of the GG DPAs, The ESL One 2024 DPA, to EVERY fan who joined the Colosseum in its first month of launch - April 2024. You basically get GG’s first-ever DPA for FREE, when you join the Colosseum and connect your Web3 wallet this month. For more information about DPAs on the Colosseum, read this article.

Throughout April, The Colosseum has been buzzing with activity in its first month of launch, and we're just getting started. Join us on this epic journey as we continue to innovate and enhance your esports experience as a dedicated GG fan. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates and events like this coming your way!

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