Unveiling The Colosseum’s Monetized Streaming Features - Donate and Watch-to-Earn

The Colosseum, GG’s Web3 Fan Loyalty Membership Program, has been launched; a platform where the boundaries of fan engagement are redefined. One of the ways the Colosseum is revolutionizing esports fandom is through live streaming. Streaming is a basic fabric of esports; in fact, many would opine that it is synonymous with the gaming industry.  The Colosseum exceeds the limitations of traditional streaming platforms, craving a space where your passion sparks meaningful rewards, and your engagement ignites not just entertainment, but also financial incentives.

In this post, we'll unravel the immersive experience of Monetized Streaming on the Colosseum, a pioneering feature that transforms your streaming activity from just being a spectator to a more engaging experience. 

Why GG Have Implemented Monetised Streaming on the Colosseum

Gaimin Gladiators being not only one of the best esports teams in the world but also a great innovator in the space, has set the pace for what will become the new standard of streaming in the esports industry - Monetised Streaming.

Monetized Streaming is a type of streaming that has incorporated some financial incentives for the activity. GG has implemented this on the Colosseum through the watch-to-earn feature that lets fans earn real rewards while streaming, in addition to a “donate” feature that lets fans gift tokens directly to their favorite creators on the platform. All this is made possible through GG’s cutting-edge fan token.

Here are some reasons why GG implemented these features:

For Creators - Empowering Them Through Direct Connection with Fans

The Colosseum ditches opaque algorithms and limited monetization to exceed limitations in streaming. Creators can now receive contributions directly from fans, and celebrate every milestone transparently. This fosters a true community, not just an audience, but also helps esports creators forge deeper bonds with their community; thereby, making donations a “token” of appreciation and a catalyst for a creative journey. This revenue stream also goes beyond traditional ad-based models which is the predominant revenue stream for players & creators on most content platforms, thereby giving creators an additional revenue stream for the quality content they give the fans.

For Fans - Rewarding Viewers for Active Engagement

Say bye to passive watching, as the Colosseum also lets you earn real token rewards while streaming simply by watching your favorite creators, thereby rewarding dedicated engagement. Fans can use earned tokens from monetized streaming to unlock other exclusive features, rewards, and benefits in the Colosseum or withdraw them into their wallets. Now fans’ watch time translates into real value for them, our team, and the creators they support.

Other Advantages of the Colosseum’s Monetised Streaming Features

• Transparency and Security: The blockchain technology of Web3 ensures secure and transparent transactions, with every donation and earning transferred and recorded immutably.

• Community-Driven Future: Monetised Streaming on the Colosseum empowers community building. Fans can also affect certain decisions of the team through voting based on the tokens they earned from the Colosseum.

• A Level Playing Field: Everyone can earn and be rewarded, regardless of their background, status, or experience in Gaming or Web3.

How To Donate Tokens while Streaming on the Colosseum

  1. To donate tokens in-stream on the Colosseum, you need to be logged in to your account. Become a member of the Colosseum today if you haven’t, simply by signing up on the platform.
  2. If you are on a desktop,  go to the “Streams” tab, at the left side of your screen.

  1. Choose any stream of your choice from the Live options.

  1. Click “Donate”, at the top right of your screen.

  1. Input the amount of tokens you want to gift the creator(s) and click “Donate”.

  1. You will be redirected to your wallet where a transaction prompt will appear on your screen for you to confirm the transaction. Review the transaction and confirm the transaction to successfully send the tokens to the creator.

  1. The amount you entered will be deducted and the gifted tokens will be sent to the creator!

How To Earn Tokens While Streaming on the Colosseum

  1. Go to the “Streams” tab, at the left side of your screen.

  1. Choose any available stream of your choice from the following Live options.

  1. You will see your earned tokens at the top and your tokens will also keep accumulating with the more time you stream on the platform. You can withdraw your earned tokens to your Web3 wallet once you hit 400 tokens, by simply clicking “Claim”.

  1. You will be required to confirm your wallet address and then click “Claim” again.

  1. On doing that, your tokens will be withdrawn from your streaming earnings on the Colosseum and sent to your Web3 wallet.

Closing Notes

Streaming on the Colosseum is like none other, it's an interactive platform where creators and viewers thrive together. Through its innovative Monetized Streaming features, the Colosseum fosters a mutually beneficial environment where passion translates into value, and entertainment fuels financial empowerment.

Ready to unleash your creative potential and actively participate in a rewarding community? You can access all these features for FREE today. Sign up today to become an early member of the Colosseum and get a 2-month FREE subscription of a premium package, for being a pioneer on the platform!

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