How GG Fans Can Relive Special GG Moments Forever - DPAs on the Colosseum

The world of eSports is filled with special moments and fans thrive on these unforgettable moments— whether witnessed offline at “In-Real-Life” events or online on their screens. Gaimin Gladiators recognizes the importance of these experiences for our fans and is proud to introduce a groundbreaking feature, delivered through blockchain technology, allowing our fans to preserve, relive, and own these special moments at GG events forever - Enter Digital Proof of Attendance (DPAs).

The Background of DPAs and its Technology

Digital Proof of Attendance (DPA) is a concept deeply rooted in the innovative world of blockchain technology. DPAs are digital collectibles that leverage the blockchain to provide verifiable proof of attendance at specific events. This technology ensures authenticity and permanence, allowing fans to not only claim but also own these unique assets that represent their presence at events.

Blockchain, the underlying technology behind DPAs, ensures secure and immutable record-keeping. Each DPA is associated with a specific event, its location, and all the moments at that event; thereby encapsulating the essence of these events in a digital format. This integration of Web3 technology with esports events marks a significant step forward in enhancing fan engagement and participation at our GG events.

Why You Need To Claim GG DPAs

Since GG DPAs hold profound significance for our team as one of the indicators for identifying our most loyal fans, you could expect these DPAs to make you eligible for even more rewards and benefits from GG, the more you claim them. These digital collectibles have various use cases which include:

  • Preservation of Special Moments at Events: By claiming a DPA at a GG event, you immortalize your attendance and participation at GG events on the blockchain; allowing you to revisit and relive these moments at your leisure.
  • Tangible Fan Engagement: DPAs foster deeper connections between our fans and our team. By owning DPAs, our fans demonstrate their support and affinity for our team, becoming part of an inner circle of GG devotees.
  • Tradeability and Rewards: In the future, GG DPAs may become tradeable within The Colosseum ecosystem, presenting exciting opportunities for fans to exchange, collect, and earn more rewards based on the DPAs they have collected, further enriching their fan experience.

How to Claim Your GG DPAs

To claim your own GG DPAs, simply attend a Live GG event whether online or offline; if there is a limited-edition DPA designated for that event, it would be announced before the event. At the event, scan the QR code which you can get from the GG staff at offline events or seen directly on our official GG streams for online events; doing this enables you the opportunity to claim your own DPA for FREE. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to claim a GG DPA.

  1. Scan the QR code at a GG event (for offline) or on your screen (for online) to start your Claim process.

  1. You will be directed to this page. Click the button below to claim your DPA.
  1. You will be required to log into your Colosseum account or Sign up if you haven’t.
  1. Next, you will be required to connect your Web 3 wallet to receive your DPA when it is sent. Click the button to connect your wallet.
  1. You will be directed to connect your wallet. Choose Venly from the options and then “Open” the connection prompt.
  1. After connecting your wallet, your DPA claim process is complete; you can now await your DPA. Your DPA will be sent directly to your account after the event.

Once successfully claimed, your DPA will be sent and seen in your digital Fan Passport within your Fan Profile area on The Colosseum platform, where you can proudly showcase your collection.


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