Defending the Breach: Gaimin Gladiators vs Into The Breach

Welcome back to the Dota 2 blog section and our 6th recap of the Western European Gaimin Gladiators Dota 2 competitive team. With only two remaining games in the initial tour of the 2023 DPC season; the stakes are higher than ever. With four possible slots up for grabs, and only two series’ remaining in the final weeks of competitive play; the qualification to the Lima Major is narrowly within reach.

With a win, Gaimin Gladiators would cement themselves that much closer to major qualification, hoping to prove themselves in a vastly aggressive and tight knit Western European region. With a 3-2 record, a win would put them near the top of the region as a roster to be reckoned with. In their way a consistent Division 2 competitor, looking to maintain their spot in the Division 1 competitive space; Into The Breach. 

Coming into the series’ Into Breach came into Wednesday’s series on the bubble; hoping for an upset to maintain their spot in the upper echelon of competitive dota in Western Europe. With a 1-5 record, and 3-10 game score, a win would push them one step closer to maintaining their spot in the Division 1 scene, in hopes of Team Secret and Nigma Galaxy loses.

Gaimin Gladiators took no pleasure in granting the series win to their adversaries, looking like utmost favorites throughout Wednesday’s game; Looking to book their ticket to South America. 

Game 1 

 The initial game of the split was skirmish heavy through and through. Gaimin Gladiator's early advantage bottom proved a main weakness to the ITB roster; forcing Otakers Marci, a typically undervalued hero in the current meta, on the back foot throughout. With small skirmish victories and larger scaling heroes, Gaimin Gladiators took full control at the 26 minute mark with a clean four for zero and Aegis secure. With strong support plays of Seleri and tOfu, and the monster performance of Ace’s Nature's Prophet and Dyrachyo’s Pudge; Gaimin Gladiators claimed the initial game one victory in 37 minutes.

Game 2 

Gaimin Gladiators started game two on the foot of strong and successful farming and laning phases, acquiring a 5,000 gold advantage at the 12th minute. With the early disadvantage however ITB didn’t go down without a fight. With once again heavy skirmishing fights, and back and forth trades on the back of successful Dawnbreakers ultimates; ITB kept the game in reach throughout the middle stages of game two. After a series of close fights, Gaimin Gladiators turned the tables at the 39 minute mark, with successful Pudge hooks, ultimates and the strength of Ace’s BKB and Satanic timings on Nature’s Prophet; Gaimin Gladiators took full control, breaking open game two completely flipping the mid game success of ITB. Gaimin Gladiators slowly suffocated the ITB roster, taking barracks within the base, finalizing the game on the back of an Ace Rampage after a 47 minute slugfest.

With the win Gaimin Gladiators improved to 4-2, in a three way tie for 2nd overall, making their chances that much more in reach for the season's opening major. Gaimin Gladiators look to punch their ticket Friday, January 27th and their battle with years prior International winning organization Tundra Esports. This is one you won't want to miss.

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Gaimin Gladiators vs Tundra Esports 11:00 CT / STREAM     

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer