Recommence: Western Europe DPC Tour 2 - Week 1

After encapsulating immense success on the back of 2nd place tour 1 performance; and winning the year's first major on the grandest stages of 2023’s competitive slate; the Gaimin Gladiators quickly shift their focus on intertwined regional play; competing against the best Western Europe has to offer. After a superb Lima Major showing, the Gladiators come into the year's spring tour looking to continue their renowned success, hoping for another shot at major contention. Noted as the best globally, the pressure is higher than ever and the stakes continue to thrive in the vast, hungry DPC format; with all teams battling tooth and nail for pro circuit points, with one goal in mind; The International 12. Week one proved an interesting introduction to the season's second tour.

Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Liquid (March 13, 2023)

After successfully defeating prior Tour 1 Western European winners; The Gladiators looked to have Liquids number coming into the tours first set, defeating Team Liquid 5-0 during Lima Major playoff format was an achievement not known to many. Team Liquid under unfortunate circumstances competed without Boxi; a staple Liquid competitor after unfortunate medical circumstances, which proved volatile during Liquids major run. Now with their fully fledged roster intact, Team Liquid looks to continue prior months success, showcasing to the world what it looks like to be a staple in Dota 2’s esports ecosystem.

Game 1 

Gaimin Gladiators came into game 1 fully encapsulated and ready to prove they were not ones to look down upon. With early scrappy aggression well known for the team; the Gladiators team fought and coordinated perfectly at the 20th minute. With a successful four for zero and subsequent immortal kill; the Gladiators never looked back, successfully killing Team Liquid cores over and over; making the day, and the tour's opening series a quick 27 minute victory.

Game 2

With the wind at their sails, the Gladiators maintained their scrappy natured playstyle, which provided immense success in months past. With consistent drafts of Nature’s Prophet, Clockwerk and Undying; the Gaimin Gladiators and their continued aggression proved fatal to the Team Liquid line-up. Racking up the kills, networth and item timings, the Gladiators continued to be the bearer of bad news to the once 1st place Liquid team, maintaining as a consistent thorn in their side, finalizing the game and the series at the 33rd minute.

Gaimin Gladiators vs Ooredoo Thunder (March 15, 2023)

After the week’s initial success, the Gladiators turned their focus onto new competitors in the tier one scene; Ooredoo Thunder. Previously competing in the Tier 2 Western European scene, the newly qualified Thunder roster looks to shake up the scene with young and new talented individuals.

Game 1

After an unsuccessful opening series of the Thunder roster, being defeated by the likes of newly qualified Monaspa roster; The Thunder came in looking like a completely different team. Gaimin Gladiators did as well, and not in the way they were hoping for. With successful rotations, mobility and pick off potential; Ooredoo Thunder looked like any other team in Division 1 play, competing high above expectations. Prior success wasn’t there for Gladiators outright; and the Thunder made game one look easy, and not to many expectations. Drow Ranger proved to be a difference maker, being played by TA2000 to utmost success. After 37 minute’s of back and forth fighting, the Thunder didn’t look back showcasing coordinated team play through and through. After a unique draft style and switch up in the picks, the Gladiators looked ahead hoping to solidify their spot amongst the best.

Game 2 

After an opening series loss that many weren’t expecting; the Gladiators shifted focus to game two, and took advantage heavily. With a more refined and consistent drafting style, and hero picks often seemed throughout their Lima Major dominance; The Gladiators didn't hold back in the day's second game. Looking in top form after a brutal opening game series; the Gladiators fought back easily winning the day's second game, tying up the series 1-1, in a winner take all game three. 

Game 3 

Game three was not a familiar circumstance to the dominant Gladiator roster, defeating the teams 2-0 and 3-0 throughout the entirety of Peru’s Lima Major. With the 1-1 scoreline, game three came and went it seemed for the Major winners, who didn’t look as concise and consistent of games past. Ooredoo competed to the highest degree, with successful laning stages, rotations and pick-off potential played solid strategic Dota, not often shown for previous Division 2 opponents. Shutting down Dyrachyo’s Ursa, and Quinn’s Batrider proved to be the difference, holding them down with a solid crowd control composition. After 40 minutes of in-game time, the series wouldn’t go the way of the Gladiators; and Ooredoo Thunder collected their first Division 1 series victory. 

Western Europe’s DPC Tour 2 has just begun, and with a 1-1 series record, the Gladiators look to maintain their spot as one of the best teams Europe and the world has to offer. With a quick recommencing of regional play, the major winning Gladiators look to bounce back March 20th, and their date with another newly qualified division 1 opponent; Monaspa.

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Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer