SECREKT: A Familiar Friend Turned Foe (January 13th, 2023) 

The Western European Dota Pro Circuit is now in its full effect with the last match day of week 1. With a trip to the Lima Major on the line, every week and every best of three is necessary to continue the push to not only the 1st major of the year; but also to experience the first ever in the South American region.

After a successful opening day 2-1 over Team Entity; Gaimin Gladiators looked to continue on their path throughout the Western DPC region, a region often noted as one of if not the strongest in past years. Gaimin Gladiators 2nd match up looked to be another site to see facing off against one of the longest standing Dota 2 organizations, Team Secret; an org with consistent Dota 2 accomplishments and most recent 2nd place at TI11 in Singapore last year. Backed by one of the greatest Dota players ever in Clement “Puppey” Ivanov.

Team Secret came into this year after a successful TI11 run, but not necessarily the best overall 2022 year out. Qualifying with one of the lowest DPC scores via the Western DPC regional qualifier; Team Secret made immense growth outside the DPC season with their backs heavily against the wall. Thankfully for the veteran Team Secret roster; The Last Chance Qualifier showcased their true potential making one of the largest runs in competitive and International history. That isn’t to say the offseason would be easy however.

Another narrative brought plenty of excitement to Friday’s competitive day; a familiar face joined Team Secret after the 2022 season. Miroslav “BOOM” Bican. Previously on Gaimin Gladiators, BOOM made the offseason change to Team Secret after the departure of Nisha to Team Liquid. Thus providing an interesting and narrative driven best of 3 series against a familiar friend turned foe.


Game 1 

With Quinn on his staple Leshrac, and a solid skirmish heavy team comp; Gaimin Gladiators played a consistent style of Dota through and through. With clean concise team fighting, skirmishing and pacing; the Gaimin Gladiators looked as the utmost favorites after Friday’s game 1 in a 38 minute stranglehold in their day's opening game.

Game 2 

Switching it up in the draft but with much of the same success; Gaimin Gladiators gave tOfu a favorite of his own, with his signature hero Rubick. With a solid hook set-up with dyrachyo’s Pudge, great scrappy fighting and solid steals on the back of  tOfu; Gaimin Gladiators conquered with a solid 23 minute mid-game fight; pushing Gaimin Gladiators passed seasoned veterans in Team Secret; finalizing game 2 and the series in 31 minutes.

With a great week one in the books, Gaimin Gladiators finish the Western European DPC Tour 1 week 1, 2-0 with a combined 4-1 game count. With two more weeks of professional dota 2 on the way; stay locked in here for recaps of all our DPC action. Thank you again for reading and all the best on your dota 2 journey! 

OG vs Gaimin Gladiators /  8:00 AM CT / STREAM 

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer