VICTORIOUS - Gaimin Gladiators Lima Major Champions

A clash for the upper bracket was set; a consistent figurehead in all of Dota 2’s competitive history, and one greatly known to the Gaimin Gladiators roster; Western European’s DPC first place winners Team Liquid. After successful 2-0’s over the likes of Team Aster and Team Entity; the stakes continue to grow in hopes of lifting the first major trophy in Gaimin Gladiators Dota 2 early beginnings. Often mentioned as Lima’s two best teams, the winner moves on to South America’s first ever Grand Final stage, while the loser gets one last shot at redemption in Lower bracket final play. With the dates set; the Gaimin Gladiators and Team Liquid roster duked it out, with money and DPC points up for the taking. 

Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Liquid (Upper Bracket Final - March 4, 2023)

Game 1 

The Gladiators came into game 1 with stapled heroes of weeks prior success, and comfortability that provided great success. Drafting the likes of Leshrac, IO and a popular support hero in Clockwerk; the Gladiators came into the upper bracket final with a favored draft. Quinn’s Leshrac looked unstoppable in the days opening series’ providing plenty of early game rotations and skirmishes pushing the narrative on the backs of the Liquid roster. Zai, a consistent and structured player was shut down throughout, which proved to be the key to success making his Pangolier a no show in game one. With consistent team fight wins, Clockwerk initiations and map control; the Gladiators continued their dominance, winning game one at 38 minutes, looking to stamp their ticket to Lima’s Grand Final stage. With a massive 20-2-11 KDA, Quinn showed up, looking to claim his first major victory.

Game 2 

Transitioning into game two, the Gladiators never gave Liquid the chance to regain. Playing more favored heroes including Broodmother, Rubick, Batrider and a more recent tournament favorite in Snapfire; the Gladiators dominated the early game with successful early game kills, and Roshan control under the power of Dyrachyo’s Ursa. After a five for three trade in favor of the Gaimin Gladiators, game two was heavily in their grasp, looking to lock up the game and the series. With safe structured play in the mid game, and a Dyrachyo rampage to cap it off, game two slowly dwindled for the Team Liquid roster and with the win, a date with the Grand Finals for Gaimin Gladiators, looking to finalize the years first major with a trophy in their hand. 

Liquid would be bounced down to Lower bracket final play, and with a best of three match-up with SEA’s Talon Esports; but Team Liquid would look to resurge and compete with the Gaimin Gladiators once again, but this time for all the marbles.

After an exhilarating and supportive run from the fans of Peru, the job was not yet complete. Looking to raise the trophy in front of the fans, and dota fans online was close in the Gladiators eyes. Three wins is all it took, and with a successful undefeated playoff run, the Gladiators turned their undivided attention to becoming major champions. Once again matching up to Western Europe’s Team Liquid again in a best of five for the title, The Gladiators looked as the favorite, and showed what true Gladiators do in the arena; fight #AgainstAllOdds

Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Liquid (Grand Finals - March 5, 2023)

Game 1 

Walking into Arena 1 the stage was set; with the immense support of South America, Peru and all the fans inside; amplifying what was on the line; becoming a champion. Often quoted as the Lina Major for the strength and power of the hero; she fell straight into the hands of Gladiators within the draft. Suited with other heroes including Rubick, Treant Protector and Timbersaw; game one had plenty of similarities to upper brackets past. With strong early game control and a heavy fighting mentality; the Gladiators came out with successful timings and net worth leads throughout. With the power of Lima majors copious hero in Lina, and team fight control of Primal Beast, Timbersaw and Treant Protector the Gladiators played decisive and clever, locking down the opening game series at the 45th minute.

Game 2 

 Looking to maintain the pressure, the Gladiators looked unstoppable going into the finals second game. With collective support rotations, kills and early tower control; the Gladiators continued their renowned success even while on the grand stage of Dota competition. With a 19 minute Ultra kill for the hands of Dyrachyo’s staple Lina pick; and 15K net worth overall, game two was an absolute stomp, finishing it out at the 21st minute. With a single win needed, the series, tournament and reputation was daunting, looking to capitalize on such a glorious endeavor a first for many.

Game 3 

Game three provided intense and unexpected decisions throughout the drafting stages. With interesting Gaimin Gladiators choices of Witch Doctor, mid Tusk and Liquid choices of core Ancient Apparition and Zai Earthshaker; game three provided the most exciting game from the two teams overall. Lina continued to dominate, going once again to the likes of Dyrachyo, continuing the Lina major narrative. With intense teamfights, aggression and nail biting excitement the Gladiators narrowly won fight after fight, putting themselves that much closer to a glorious accomplishment. On the back of a 41 minute team wipe; the Gladiators stood tall becoming the first ever South American Major champion, and first major champion of the 2023 season. Congratulations to Quinn, tOfu, Seleri, Dyrachyo, Ace, coach Cy- and all the Gaimin Gladiator's staff on such a prominent accomplishment.

Gaimin Gladiators are Major Champions! 

With the fans cheering on the Western Europe Gladiator roster; the trophy was held high for all of Dota 2 fans to see. With determination, excellence and the power of calling oneself a major champion the Gladiators provided some of the most dominant Dota of recent; looking to take on the world one day at a time. Words cannot describe the overwhelming amount of happiness and jubilation the organization has felt from this immense achievement. 

Best encapsulated by what was said by captain Erik “tOfu” Engel and with tears in his eyes while on the mainstage closing ceremony of the major: 

“I'm just so super proud that we could finally show how good we are together. Like we put in so much time and effort and I’m glad we can finally show what we have done and we have come along way, I am super fucking proud of everyone here. Thank you guys….”

#AgainstAllOdds the Gaimin Gladiators roster shook the Dota 2 world, winning their first ever Dota 2 major, encapsulating themselves amongst the greats forever. Thank you to Peru, South America and all Dota 2 fans for taking part in such a glorious achievement. Thank you all for reading, and with much to be enthusiastic about stay tuned for plenty more Dota 2 content to come. VAMOS!

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer