New Gladiators Enter the Arena

Mobile esports has been an avenue for many competitors to showcase their skill with the new age and accessibility of mobile gaming. Allowing for anyone to become the best regardless of their desired game, region or platform. With the consistent growth of Gaimin Gladiators and the pursuit of conquering all esports has to be desired; With bnbChain behind us, the Gaimin Gladiators are excited to jump into our next title; PlayerUnknowns Battleground Mobile.

PlayerUnknowns Battleground Mobile or PUBG Mobile for short, has been a consistent powerhouse in the mobile esports space since 2017, garnering not only a large following throughout but also consistent championships, tournaments and large sums of prize money. 

2022‘s PUBG Global Championships had a massive $4,000,000 prize pool, showcasing the best in the scene, and one that in 2023 would be attributed with the Gladiator title. HVVP; previously PUBG Mobile European Champions and 17th placing at last year’s Global Championships, and 2nd in 2021, have now dawned the Gaimin Gladiators colors, looking to continue their immense success into the new year.

Gaimin Gladiators PUBG Mobile Roster:

Sergey “KITSUNE” Pomerantsev

Vitalii “Matic” Shulga

Daniil “Tixzy” Gordeev

Alexey “Mequ” Tolov


Sergejs “Blamous” Albamonovs


Oleg “Jak2oO” Porotnikov

With previous accomplishments under HVVP and Natus Vincere including 2nd placings in both the 2021 Global Championships and Global Championships: West; the newly acquired Gaimin Gladiators roster look to impose their renowned success both within the European region and the world as a whole. The Gaimin Gladiators are proud to be joining the PUBG Mobile scene, and hope you stay connected to us this new year. 

With many Chicken Dinners on the rise; Gaimin Gladiators will continue to battle #AgainstAllOdds and conquer a new esports title.

For more information on Gaimin Gladiators PUBG Mobile, and all our professional esports teams stay tuned here for recaps, blogs and content in all our esports ventures. Thank you for reading. Chicken Dinners for all in 2023!

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer