Unveiling The Colosseum: Gaimin Gladiators Web3 Membership Program for Esports Fans


The world of esports remains an ever-growing industry, where competitive gaming takes center stage. Gaimin Gladiators, our team, is making waves with a game-changing move, this time beyond the arena. We are introducing the first version of The Colosseum, our very own Web3 fan loyalty membership program aimed at transforming the way our fans engage with and support our team. But here is a little background of how we got here.

Picture the esports scene a decade ago, the sector was raw back then; but today interest in the space has gradually evolved into a global phenomenon. Fans, once passive spectators, have now become key participants, emotionally invested in the triumphs and tribulations of their favorite players and teams. This transformation prompted Gaimin Gladiators, a team known for its special bond with fans, to ponder the essence of esports fandom and its current state.

Esports, more than just a game, has woven itself into the fabric of modern entertainment, captivating diverse audiences. The rise of streaming platforms has democratized access, allowing fans to connect with the game on an unprecedented level. Yet, with this surge in popularity comes a unique challenge – how to deepen this connection further, offering fans a unique experience beyond the arena.

That’s how we came up with this goal to build a special program for our devoted fans, which will embrace the potential of the exciting Web3 technology - Enter The Colosseum.

Introducing The Colosseum

The Colosseum is the Gaimin Gladiators Web3 Fan Loyalty Membership Program, built around the Gaimin Gladiators Fan Token. It is the center of our esports team's activities and how we interact with our fans; a place where fandom transcends screens and becomes a strong bond. More than any regular sports fan program out there, it's our “inner circle” crafted exclusively for our most dedicated fans.

In The Colosseum, you witness the untold stories behind the screens, the struggles, and victories of the players you've cheered for; you get to be involved in certain team decisions, and get access to special signed memorabilia as well as money-can't-buy experiences.

This loyalty program is a digital bridge that brings you closer to the essence of our team through special activities, features, and benefits. Speaking of features, here are the features (and benefits) of The Colosseum.

Features & Benefits of The Colosseum

Our team is assembling the ultimate stack of features and benefits for The Colosseum, to give fans the ultimate experience on the platform. But some features will come before others. For this first version, The Colosseum will include the following features, with more features and benefits coming soon in the pipeline.

Features available in The Colosseum today:

  • Monetized Streaming - Donate and Earn Tokens in-stream

With this feature, you gain unrestricted access to live streams of our games, directly connecting with the heart of the action. But what sets this feature apart from regular streaming is that it not only allows you to immerse yourself in the gameplay but also empowers you to actively contribute to the gaming community through the Donate and Watch-to-Earn features.

Streaming on The Colosseum is special because fans have the exciting opportunity to donate tokens directly to their favorite gamers during streaming, in addition to the groundbreaking "Watch-to-Earn" feature that unlocks additional earning potential for fans watching live games. With the Watch-to-Earn feature, fans can earn real tokens while watching their favorite content creators.

  • Premium content: Get exclusive content from the Gaimin Gladiators team.

On the Colosseum, fans will get premium content exclusive to the platform. These include extended versions of GG public content, exclusive podcasts & interviews, behind-the-scenes, early access to GG content, detailed announcements, and many more. Content on the Colosseum spans from posts and images to videos both long-form and short. It promises to be a galore of exclusive content from one of the best esports teams in the world.

  • Dedicated Fan Profile - Your Area within the Arena

Also in this version of the Colosseum, every fan is celebrated with their personalized and interactive fan profile. This dedicated space within The Colosseum offers a user-friendly interactive interface, allowing you to view your details, activities, and assets. It also lets you showcase your assets to other fans; it's your “area within the arena”.

Subsequent features and activities coming soon on the Colosseum include

  • Tiered Fan Badges that distinguish you from other fans
  • Special Discount Shop Section on GG swags
  • FREE Digital Proof of Attendance (DPAs) for attending live GG events
  • Fan Engagement Area for engaging in GG activities and earning points that rank you for rewards on the fan leaderboard
  • Rewards sections for claiming rewards and money-can-t-buy experiences
  • Fanverse for interacting personally with GG staff and players
  • Auction area for bidding on unique collectibles and experiences
  • Player Profiles area with in-depth exclusive info on all GG players
  • Referral program that gives you the opportunity to earn rewards for inviting your friends to enjoy the Colosseum too
  • Charity section where you can donate to available causes that create an impact in society

and many more!

How to Join The Colosseum

To join the fan action in the Colosseum, you just need to become a member. The better news is, if you sign up during the first version of The Colosseum, basically becoming a pioneer of our platform, you will get an ‘early bird’ bonus of a 2-month FREE subscription on your first premium membership!

Simply follow the steps below to successfully get an early access into The Colosseum:

  • You will be directed to choose your preferred package. Read through the details and benefits of each available package and choose your preferred one by clicking “Start”.
  • Fill in your details. If you prefer other means of signing up, you can also do so via the likes of Google so stressfully creating an account and subscribing to your preferred package, you will be directed to The Colosseum!

Voila, you have entered The Colosseum. Get ready for an experience that will take you to the moon!

For more information about how to use the Colosseum, please visit the Colosseum and read our FAQs.

Why The Colosseum Matters for GG Fans and eSports in General

Gaimin Gladiators is not only a top esports team because of our performance in the arena but also because we are a beacon of innovation and inspiration in the industry. The launch of The Colosseum is more than just the introduction of a fan loyalty program; it is proof of our team’s dedication to maintaining and improving a vibrant relationship with our fans.

Esports fandom has transcended traditional boundaries, thereby morphing into a dynamic, participatory culture. The Colosseum, with its immersive features, is pioneering this movement. This isn't just about watching games and cheering from the stands at the arena; it's about becoming an integral part of the journey of your team and favorite players. The future of fandom awaits at the Colosseum, and together we redefine what it means to be a fan. Join us in The Colosseum today and get an ‘early bird’ bonus of a 2-month FREE subscription on your first premium membership!

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