The Last Dance: The International 11 Last Chance Qualifier

Welcome back to the Gaimin Gladiators Dota 2 news section. If you haven’t done so already; please read the TI11 qualifiers for all information in-regards to the qualified teams, and a contextualized recreation of how the regional qualifiers concluded.

The Last Chance Qualifier; a returning feature to The International 11 which has been an exciting pre-tournament of hopefuls looking to prove their worth in the group stages.

The LCQ has many names - Phase One in TI4, and the Wildcard during TI5/6; but in the end they all subsequently mean one thing;  a path to the International. After 5 years of Dota 2 world championships, the Last Chance Qualifier finally makes it return to Singapore. The LCQ for short, provides two open spots to be filled from all regional hopefuls 2nd and 3rd seeds, but who would be the two teams to slot in, and continue their journey throughout?

In this article, we discuss the LCQ format, an overview of the tournament and our predictions for those battling in the LCQ. Please stay tuned to all our social media spaces to see us compete throughout The International 11 via Instagram and Twitter, and stay locked here for more Dota 2 news.

(ONE Esports -

Each group consisting of six teams from all major regional qualifiers will compete in the beginning portion of the LCQ with group play. Four teams will round out the upper bracket playoffs and the last two teams within each group will slot into the lower bracket. Teams will be seeded based on group play, and the Upper bracket Final and Lower Bracket Final victors throughout the entirety will collect a spot at TI11 glory.

The October 8th start date of LCQ begins with good old fashioned group stage matches. Within Group A comes staple organizations such as Team Secret, Vici Gaming and world renowned NAVI. But this year's young guns, and new age organizations of Nouns, Tempest and Polaris have much to prove.

Group B begs to differ. Noted as the stronger of the two, Group B provided TI hopefuls of Team Liquid, T1, China’s Xtreme Gaming, Virtus.Pro (Outsiders), Wildcard Gaming, and Veteran South American organization Infamous.

(CDEC via VPR - viper_vpr)

The LCQ has provided many historical opportunities in previous International competitions. Team Liquid in 2014, CDEC with their 2nd place finish after their historical run in TI5, and EHOMEs wildcard qualification, to 1st place Group B finish at TI6. Phase One, Wildcard and the Last Chance Qualifier have all been a proving ground of teams looking to show the brilliance of TI’s past.

This year's LCQ is harsher than ever and with it comes new rosters, staple Dota 2 legends and inspiring new organizations looking to stamp their ticket to the Dota 2 mecha of competition.

Check out our predictions below, and overview of the two qualified teams!

Gaimin Gladiators LCQ predictions:

GG Dota Team

Boom: Xtreme Gaming, Team Secret

DyrachYO: Virtus Pro, Team Liquid

Ace: Xtreme Gaming, Virtus Pro

Seleri: Xtreme Gaming, Team Liquid

tOfu : Xtreme Gaming, Team Liquid

GG Content Writer

Keenan: Xtreme Gaming, Team Secret

This year's LCQ prediction was tough to say the least. With previous months qualifiers and my personal opinion on regional play, I believe Xtreme Gaming has the best chance at qualifying overall. China looks to be a powerhouse region this year, and I believe they look to be the strongest 2nd/3rd seeds going into the LCQ. In regards to who I believe will win the Lower Bracket Final, I narrowly give it to Team Secret. Overall it was a close choice between Team Liquid, T1 and Team Secret, but I think many factors such as experience, the current meta, on stage competition I think they barely squeak out as the 2nd and final qualified team. Xtreme Gaming  and Team Secret round out the 20 teams at TI11.

(Updated October 12, 2022)

Qualified Team #1 - Team Secret (Western Europe)

Team Secret; A team with plenty of support, dedication and perseverance came into this year's LCQ hoping to continue Puppey’s path to 11 consecutive International appearances. Throughout the group portion of the LCQ Team Secret looked solid, finishing 6-4 with one 2-0 and four 1-1 sets, booking their spot in the upper bracket. However, Team Secret completely 180’d and became the powerhouses of the upper bracket, defeating strong seasoned adversaries in Xtreme Gaming, T1 Esports and Virtus Pro, to solidify their spot as one of the two continuing their journey to the Aegis of Champions. With a strong understanding of the meta, momentum and seasoned veterans, Team Secret look to bring with them wildcard strength of EHOME and CDEC’s past at The International 11.

Qualified Team #2 - Team Liquid (Western Europe)

(Wykrhm Reddy - wykrhm Via Twitter)

Team Liquid, another historic organization in Dota 2 history, hoping to keep their International hopes and dreams alive during the Last Chance Qualifier, came in favorites for some. Completing the group portion with an 8-2 record, Team Liquid looked like the team to beat continuing onto the upper bracket. Team Liquid faced adversity, losing 2-1 to Eastern Europe's Virtus Pro, looking to pass the finish line in a deep lower bracket run; and that’s exactly what they did. Defeating the likes of Xtreme Gaming, Vici Gaming and winning the rematch versus Virtus Pro, Team Liquid came alive throughout their lower bracket run, and kept themselves in contention for this year's International. With stabled veterans, adversity and momentum; Team Liquid look to replicate their LCQ group stage, and start off on the right foot at the International 11.

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Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer