Conquered: Gaimin Gladiators vs Tundra Esports

The final series of the Western European DPC Split 1 season had plenty of excitement and implementations surrounding it. With a slot at the Lima Major and a plethora of teams vying for the final slots, Gaimin Gladiators had one opportunity to bypass four possible contenders for the remaining seeds. With a win Gaimin Gladiators would secure the 2nd spot, below DPC veteran Team Liquid, and book their ticket to the Lima Major. Gaimin Gladiators, OG, Tundra Esports and Team Entity remained with three spots available hoping for a successful start of this year's DPC season; On their way to International glory. Friday’s games provided various avenues of qualification, and the Gladiators definitely didn’t disappoint.

The final opponent of the opening split was a series everyone had their eyes on. Gaimin Gladiators looked to take down last year's International winners Tundra Esports. With staple veteran players such as Saksa, Sneyking and 33; Tundra Esports came into the first split of the DPC claiming the largest accomplishment in Dota 2 history, a win on the grandest stages of them all; The International.

However the 2023 Tundra Esports roster didn’t come into the season as a powerhouse to be expected. With narrow wins against relegated Into The Breach, Nigma Galaxy and 2-0 losses to OG and Team Liquid; Tundra Esports came into Friday’s match-up hoping to prove their worth, hoping to push their record over the hump and into qualification contention. Gaimin Gladiators thought otherwise. With a 4-2 record, tied with OG and Friday’s foes in Tundra Esports, a win would secure their spot indefinitely pushing past possible tiebreaker scenarios. Gaimin Gladiators came out dominant, and wouldn’t let their rivaled Western European allies the pleasure of Peru and the first ever Lima Major.

Game 1 

Gaimin Gladiators knew the implications of the Tundra series and took advantage with tried and true heroes. Dyrachyo’s Lina, one of the most successful heroes throughout the DPC, provided successful early game kills and an early game net worth lead for the Gladiators roster throughout. With the heavy teamfight comp of Tundra Esports; Gaimin Gladiators pushed their advantage early, and with successful lockdown heroes of Puck, Doom and Treant Protector, forced a rather skirmish and teamfight heavy team of Tundra without any resolve. On the back of great ultimate timings, experience and large net worth lead; Gaimin Gladiators made quick work of Tundra Esports in game one, taking down last year’s International winners after gg’ing out in 31 minutes.

Game 2 

Gaimin Gladiators provided much of the same as they did in game one with various early game wins and successful skirmish heavy fighting. Gaimin Gladiators continued their effectiveness in the early game and the skirmishing they’ve been known for throughout the DPC season; With a 13,000 gold lead at the 27th minute. With high networth leads on Quinn’s Leshrac and Dyrachyo’s Lifestealer; Gaimin Gladiators continued to pressure the map throughout, forcing their stance on the map and on the base of Tundra Esports, with a successful top barracks take at the 30th minute. With a spectacular five for zero fight, and after zero success in the buyback initiation; Gaimin Gladiators were warriors throughout, dominating Tundra Esports once again at the 31 minute mark. With the win, Gaimin Gladiators secure their spot to South America, and a date with Peru at the Lima Major. 

Quinn Callahan (CCNC) “Honestly had a lot of fun this dpc, probably the least stressed I've been during one which was awesome. Thanks a ton to my team for believing in me and bringing me on board and to all the people behind the scenes who support me.”

With the win the Gaimin Gladiators finish split one of the Western European DPC season 5-2, and 2nd place overall in a tight and overly competitive region. With high expectations the Gaimin Gladiators took control of their own fate, showing what true teamwork and coordination can lead to. Our Gladiators have started on a path to greatness, regional play was only the beginning. Lima Major is right around the corner, and with it comes the world's stage; Against the finest Dota 2 teams from across the globe. #AgainstAllOdds

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The Lima Major 2023: February 22 - March 5 / STREAM

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer