The Boundless Gladiators Strike Once Again : Bali Major Champions

The Bali Major, the last and final stop in the year’s end goal of International qualification, provided necessary DPC points to accumulate with the best teams of DPC Tour 3’s past competing to become the year’s final Major champions. After back to back Major wins, two tier-one tournament victories and ceaseless dominance this 2023 season; The Gaimin Gladiators already bound for International play looked to continue to break records, not only being two-time major champions in the already difficult ecosystem of competitive Dota 2, but also to be the first in obtaining the coveted five time tier one tournament winners. With this miraculous and often unobtainable achievement, the Gaimin Gladiators defied odds, taking the Dota 2 world by storm becoming fan favorites throughout. With the strength and immaculate Gladiator-like perseverance; Bali Major became another feat easily dominated by our Western European fellows continuing the year of mind-boggling and insurmountable success.

The 2023 Gaimin Gladiators feat of becoming hopeful three time major champions would be a feat that hasn’t been seen since the dominating OG roster in the 2016/2017 season who won three major championships in the major and minor Dota 2 esports system in the games earlier competitive beginnings. With a hopeful historic accomplishment on the line the Gaimin Gladiators steadied the army, setting course for the first time ever to the beautiful Island of Bali, province of Indonesia continuing the year resolute and empowered starting their early tournament beginnings with group stage play.

Suited in group B the Gladiators began their early tournament lives against some of the best the Dota world has to offer. Amongst them Quest Esports, Evil Geniuses, Bleed Esports, BetBoom Team, PSG.LGD, Azure Ray and 9Pandas battled looking to knock out the year’s most dominating team, hopeful for playoff contention. With four upper bracket and two lower bracket seeds on the line, the often touted Gaimin Gladiators roster narrowly accomplished upper bracket seeding; tying with the likes of BetBoom Team and PSG.LGD for an overall 10-6 record and 3rd overall in group B placement. With the 3rd seed, the grueling playoff competition began, thankfully for the Western European roster, the upper bracket was claimed, giving them a two life advantage that wouldn’t need to be exerted. The back to back major champions took stride as they have prominently and made the playoff stage a place for safe-keeping. 

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals
Gaimin Gladiators vs Beastcoast

With the upper bracket acquired, the Gaimin Gladiators turned their attention to South America’s persistent competitor and always prevalent;  Beastcoast roster. Tied with 10-6 records overall, the upper bracket quarterfinal provided tightly contested matchups proving to be a starting point in the long and potentially grueling playoff format. With an initial game one thrashing by Beastcoast in 33 minutes, the South American’s looked to drop Gaimin Gladiators down a notch, poised for a top 6 finish; Unfortunately the Gaimin Gladiators continued to defy odds, learning and adapting in an often familiar fashion. Winning games two and three in 33 and 35 minutes alike, the Gladiators maintained their upper bracket position, once again competing in top 6 form prevailing in the year's final major tournament.

Upper Bracket Semifinals 
Gaimin Gladiators vs Quest Esports

Next up Quest Esports. A new adversary who defied many as a new face on the Dota 2 esports circuit. Quest Esports, the new yet quickly developing force within Western Europe, displayed dominance in group play with a 12-4 record, toppling the group throughout. After their initial group B 1-1 tie, the series provided back and forth yet lopsided affairs from both sides. With an initial game one victory, Gaimin Gladiators received pushback from the new kids on the block. With a game two 28 minute victory, Quest Esports bounced back, turning the tables, giving Gaimin Gladiators a run for their money, and once again providing the winner take all circumstances. Yet,as stated in various forms throughout this season, the Gladiators never seem phased. Making game three a cake walk. With a kill per minute and a swift thumping to their newly incorporated Western European comrades, Quest Esports got a wake up call, promoting Gaimin Gladiators to yet another top three finish, and fortunate for some potential lower bracket run for the likes of Quest Esports. 

Upper Bracket Finals
Gaimin Gladiators vs Tundra Esports

With the season of Western European dominance, the upper bracket finals continued the narrative. The region's finest once again battling it out for a spot in the majors Grand Finals. After a previous and closely contested 2-0 victory over another staple competitor in Team Liquid, Tundra Esports looked like an admirable foe, looking to lock up Grand Final competition. With The International accomplished for both sides, the upper bracket final didn’t showcase much for the side of Tundra Esports; As Gaimin Gladiators never seemed threatened even against years prior International champion. With only 22 kills to their name throughout a two game series; Tundra Esports didn’t make a scratch on the Gladiators battle-tested armor, winning out 2-0 in poised and often seen this season, in a precognitive feeling. 

Grand Finals
Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Liquid

With the Grand Finals locked up the Gladiators looked like the true tournament favorite, hopeful to repeat history as three time major champion and first ever five time tier one winners. In their path, a tale as old as time, especially this 2023 season, a match-up with yet again another Western European adversary in Team Liquid. Competing in four of the five tier one events, and within all three major tournaments; Team Liquid once again battled to the end. Defeating both Quest Esports and winning the rematch over Tundra Esports in the lower bracket final, Team Liquid had a head full of steam looking to hopefully take one event off of the year's Gladiator roster. With the series’ beginning games going back and forth in a long and tightly contested matchup the roster traded blows tying the series in 1-1 fashion. As mentioned through and through, the Gaimin Gladiators hit it into the next level, running like a well oiled machine turning gears often seen by the team especially in grand finals play. With yet another 3-1 fashion to the year’s prior major in Berlin; the Gaimin Gladiators made quick work of the DPC leading Team Liquid, winning games 3 and 4 in 21 and 29 minutes prominently. As seen this DPC season the Gladiators have always been on another level, never truly seen in years time; With it yet another Major victory, and the first ever seen in Indonesia.

The Gaimin Gladiators are the Bali Major Champions!

With back to back to back major champions and five total tier one wins, becoming the first ever in Dota 2’s existence the eyes are always on the prize. With the Riyadh Major being the next step in their year of continued success, the Gladiators never seem to fall. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is next on the year’s travel plans, and the hopes of another tier one victory steadies fast on the Gladiators agenda. We will see you on July 19th. Congratulations to our Gaimin Gladiator roster, and all the fans backing the Gladiator colors, we look forward to providing plenty more Dota to come.

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Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer