Three-Peat Dreams are Crushed: Dream League Season 21 ‍

With The International 12 about to clutch the grasps of Dota fans from across the globe, the always exciting ESL DreamLeague tournament sweeps in at the bitter last moments giving teams valuable practice in preparation for the world's most exciting Dota 2 action to come. As the last event before the ultimate glory of International competition; DreamLeague 21 provided 12 Dota 2 teams from across the globe, many qualified for International connection looking to win the massive last season prize of $1,000,000 dollars and a potential three-peat for the #2 Dota Pro Circuit Gaimin Gladiators, hoping to continue a miracle season of professional play.

After successful winnings of DreamLeague Season 19/20 the Gladiators hoped to continue a season of immense accomplishments, hoping to add a final chip to their already impressive competitive past. Unfortunately for the three time major championships and consistent tournament champions; DreamLeague Season 21 did not provide the team we’ve come to anticipate.Poised in a Group B competition including Eastern Europe's Team Spirit, BetBoom Team, Western Europe’s OG, Quest Esports and the lone South American representative Evil Geniuses; the Gladiators ready to compete against five of the worlds best hoped to maintain group stage dominance, which unfortunately didn’t happen in the tournaments early beginnings.

The group stage started out in a very unfamiliar position for the often touted tournament favorite. With 2-0 loss to Team Spirit, 1-1 tie to the only non-qualified TI12 team in OG and subsequent 2-0 loss to BetBoom Team; the Gladiators tournament lives hung in the balance Thankfully and with their tournament lives hanging ever so gently, the Gladiators turned up. Defeating the likes of EG 2-0 and with a playoff clinching 2-0 victory over Quest Esports; the Gladiators vaulted themselves ever so slightly in the tournaments lower bracket qualification. 

Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Entity - Lower Bracket Round 1 

Hoping for a lower bracket run, the Gladiators linked up with another Western European foe in Team Entity. After narrowly entering upper bracket play, Team Entity looked like a formidable opponent finishing out their group stage 6-4 overall and potential for a marquee matchup. The series started off in the right direction winning the opening days series in a solid, team oriented fashion. Living on knife's edge, Team Entity fought back, turning the tables on the season's most formidable opponent. With a convincing game two victory in 38 minutes, game three provided a grueling 75 minute back and forth battle giving fans one of the most exciting games in the tournament thus far. Competing to the highest degree throughout the season, the Gladiators continued to battle throughout hoping to win the season's full competitive ESL hosted DreamLeague events. This unfortunately did not come to fruition. Team Entity came out on top, dethroning the always highly touted Gaimin Gladiators roster with impressive calculation in a long and overwhelming display of Dota. With the loss, their DreamLeague lives came to an end, finishing out with a 7th-8th placing

Though the Gladiators went out in an unfortunate 7th-8th finishing; the Gladiators, poised to shock the world, come into The International 12 as one of the most exciting Dota 2 teams to enter the arena. With various tournament victories, alongside three time major wins; the Gladiators turn their undivided attention to the TI12 group stage, looking to make their make mark #againstallodds in hopes of International glory. Gaimin Gladiators have shown they have what it takes to continue their winning ways, and we look forward to Seattle in hopes of conquering the Dota 2 professional season.

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Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer