“You are the champion” - Gaimin Gladiators Enter Apex Legends

Apex Legends, one of the largest growing and most popular Battle Royale titles to date, has continued to improve the landscape and scope of esports since its inception. With the uproar of battle royale titles during the mid to late 2010’s, Apex Legends has battled the test of time, and has come out as one the most exciting esports titles for BR and shooter fans alike. 

Gaimin Gladiators and the acquisition of Hardecki, Leogri3x6, Artyco and coach Pkmk are excited to take the EMEA region by storm. 

Previously Gambit Gaming, Players and FA Kitties, the newly acquired Gaimin Gladiators roster have competed together at the highest tier of professional Apex Legends. Most recently a 21st placing at the ALGS 2022 Championships, a 3rd place finish at ALGS 2022 Split 1 (EMEA) and a 2nd place finish at the ALGS 2022 Split 2 pro league (EMEA), the newly acquired team look to continue EMEA dominance, and maintain universal competitive accomplishments. 

With success, and accomplishments behind them, the new team looks onward to much much more, but sometimes at unfamiliar costs.

Unfortunately with the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, EA has made the difficult decision to remove Russia and Belarus from Apex Legends Esports Programs. Thankfully, with support and help of Gaimin Gladiator's staff, upper management and the confirmation of relocation for Russian and Belarussian players, Gaimin Gladiator’s is excited to continue the newly formed roster on Serbian soil, to compete with no ill distraction.

Hardecki the EMEA Slayer of the year (ALGS Season 1 - Esports.gg) Leogri3x6, Artyco and Pkmk and with the backing of Gaimin Gladiator’s organization are excited to battle through perseverance and continue Apex dominance.

Artem “Pkmk” Nechaev Coach for the Apex Legends team took time to comment:

How is the team feeling moving into this upcoming year of competition? What expectations does the team have overall; and within the EMEA region.

“The team feels good! First of all I would like to thank the organization that provided comfortable conditions and always comes to meet us if there is at least some sort of discomfort. Our expectations are to show high results and reach the top of the EMEA region. We are working on it and going through a period of adaptation, considering our conditions and the current level of competitiveness in our region.”

How has the relocation to Serbia been for the team and staff?

“Our move was not very easy, for me especially, but now everything seems to be fine.”

How has the process been since joining Gaimin Gladiators?

“Excellent! Again, our team received good conditions, here we feel like a part of a family circle, where we are taken care of and supported.”

Thank you for the time, please feel free to give any shoutouts, or anything on a personal note

“Thanks to all the fans who worry and support our team in such a difficult time for everyone, as well as those who help us with adaptation in another country. Hugs, peace and love to all.”

(PKMK ALGS Stockholm Playoffs - Apex Legends Liquipedia)

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Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer