Rundown -  BetBoom Universe: Episode One

The Western DPC Tour 1 has ended and with it a plethora of success coming into 2023’s latest pro circuit season. The Gaimin Gladiators roster shuffle has shown nothing but incredible success so far; With victories in BetBoom Xmas Show and most recently a 2nd placing in the initial 2023 season; The Gaimin Gladiators look to continue their form on their way to South America, competing in Dota’s first Major of 2023 in Lima, Peru.

With the major slowly daunting before them, the quote “practice makes perfect '' is on every qualifying teams minds, weeks before the first biggest event of 2023. Thankfully for the Gaimin Gladiators the inclusion and invitation into BetBoom’s Universe series provides much practice to be desired, hoping to tighten up strategies, drafting, consistency and to refine their form in the wake of the upcoming Major. Seeded directly into the Final Stage best of three portion of the tournament, the Gaimin Gladiators used their time as their greatest strength, providing fast integrated Dota for all fans alike.

First and foremost shoutout to BetBoom and organizer FISSURE for creating and displaying a successful tournament through and through, and to the BetBoom team congratulations on Lima Qualification and winning the Eastern European Tour 1. 

Without further adieu let’s deep dive into the Gaimin Gladiators competitive slate at the BetBoom Universe Episode 1.

As previously mentioned, the Gaimin Gladiators with invitation started their tournament run in the Final Stage, competing in the best of three format in top 12 contention. Starting off their tournament lives against an Eastern European competitor and long lasting organization in Virtus.Pro.

Gaimin Gladiators VS Virtus.Pro - Upper Bracket Quarter Final

Gaimin Gladiators looked and tried and true coming into their first series of the tournament. With the consistency and prowess of the previous DPC Tour; the Gladiator roster looked refined and in control throughout, winning both games at the 25th minute in convincing fashion. Maintaining strong skirmishes and crowd control in the draft, Gaimin Gladiators took the initial series with ease, maintaining their title as one of the best in the tournament.

Gaimin Gladiators VS Entity - Upper Bracket Semi-Final

The second series of the tournament provided much more resilience and competitiveness from Western European adversaries in Team Entity. After narrowly squeaking their way into Lima Major qualification after the grueling playoff scenario; Team Entity came into the tournament a similar favorite for some. Game one didn’t show much at first, with Gaimin Gladiators taking it to their clever Western adversaries in only 19 minutes, but Entity would fight back giving the Gladiators a run for their money. Game two provided early skirmish heavy fighting and not to the liking of the side of Gaimin Gladiators. With 64 kills in 39 minutes, game two fell into the hands of Team Entity, providing a third game decider that was scrappy through and through.

The third and most exciting game of the series provided a grueling 56 minute brawl, encapsulated in back and forth ups and downs throughout. On the back of successful teamfight timings, farm and gold advantage; Gaimin Gladiators slowly constricted the resources of Entity winning the game and the series, moving onto their second BetBoom Upper Bracket Final.

Gaimin Gladiators VS Tundra Esports - Upper Bracket Final

The Upper bracket final was once again another familiar foe in Western European roster Tundra Esports. Following the likes of Team Entity’s playoff qualification; Tundra Esports looked to regain years prior success qualifying as the 3rd seed within the region, and into Lima Major contention. 

With two juggernauts battling it out, the upper bracket final provided sustenance for all Dota fans alike. Game one provided an intense and too close for comfort mentality throughout; with only a 1K Gaimin Gladiator gold lead at the 45th minute. Substitutes in Topson and NightFall shined through. After an immense four for nothing trade and Aegis collection; Tundra pushed the narrative winning an 80 kill slugfest at the 51st minute, giving them an early 1-0 series lead.

Game two did not provide the same late game closeness as provided in the opening game match-up. With Topson and Nightfall providing strong capabilities even while in the substitute role; Gaimin Gladiators unfortunately couldn’t come back from the strong mid game adaptation and draft of Tundra, losing the series 2-0 and into the lower bracket.

Gaimin Gladiators VS Team Spirit - Lower Bracket Final

BetBoom tournaments and lower bracket finals are like two peas in a pod for the Gaimin Gladiators roster. With the same scenario as the prior years tournament; Gaimin Gladiators looked to copy 2022’s Xmas Show win after their upper bracket defeat to the hands of Tundra Esports. Their opponent; Eastern Europe's Team Spirit, Lima Major Qualifier and International 10 champion.

The opening game showed very similar competition and closeness as all series’ prior. With tight knit skirmish heavy fighting, Gaimin Gladiators and Team Spirit provided lots to be desired. With an initial 64 minute, 97 kill grueller; Team Spirit came out by the skin of their teeth winning the opening game, putting Gaimin Gladiators on the verge of tournament relegation. Maintaining fast paced and skirmish heavy once again; Game two continued the kill heavy tradition of the Gaimin Gladiators BetBoom experience. With the success of Spirit’s initiation, catch and team fight heavy composition; the Gaimin Gladiators couldn’t adapt to the fast paced success of Team Spirit. Playing aggressive, and while progressing into the late game, Team Spirit took it to the Gaimin Gladiators who couldn’t come back; Unfortunately falling at the 48th minute, ending their run at BetBoom’s Universe: Episode 1.

Gaimin Gladiators with a 3rd place finish, turn their eyes on the Lima Major, hoping to use this as a stepping stool, in the works of maintaining Dota 2 supremacy.

Once again massive thank you to FISSURE and BetBoom for showcasing such a well managed and successful event for all who competed. We look forward to meeting all qualified teams at the Lima Major later this month. 

For more information on Gaimin Gladiators Dota 2, and all our professional esports teams stay tuned here for recaps, blogs and content in all our esports ventures. Thank you for reading. We'll see you all in Peru and on stage at the first ever Lima Major.

The Lima Major 2023: February 22 - March 5 / STREAM    

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer