Falling Short: Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Liquid

With the final week of the DPC split Tour 1 looming upon us; it is now a make or break situation for all teams in this initial split of the Western European DPC season. Contending for a top 4 seed is tougher than ever, in a region with glaring strengths and very minimal weaknesses. Gaimin Gladiators with a 3-1 series record and currently in one of the top four seeds, look to maintain pace in the region, hoping to lock their spot as a force to be reckoned with on their path to the Lima Major. 

Gaimin Gladiators three remaining matches started with an opening day match-up against the current kings of the west; A match-up with Team Liquid. One of the biggest organizations in Dota 2, and with a successful 3rd place finish at last years International 11; Team Liquid took the Western European DPC by storm in 2023; With a 5-0 series count and 10-0 overall game score; Team Liquid looked and acknowledged by many to be one of the best teams in the world. Gaimin Gladiators came into this series as underdogs, but with time slowly catching up to them, hoped to defy naysayers and once again provided one the most exciting best of three’s in this year's opening split, drawing blood from the then flawless Liquid team.

Game 1 

Team Liquid came out the gates swinging in game one. With successful early game movement and skirmishes, Team Liquid took command of the series, having well prepared drafting and crowd control for the likes of the Gaimin Gladiators heroes. Team Liquid commanded the map throughout finishing the game in 36 minutes, with a kill death ratio of 31-5, giving them the clean 1-0 in the last match of week three.

Game 2 

The second game was quite the opposite of the first game's unfortunate conclusion. Gaimin Gladiators pulled out tried and true heroes with the selection of Rubrick, Beastmaster, Hoodwink, Pudge; and a sneaky decision with the last pick Huskar. With immaculate mid-game skirmishes and the aggressive in-your face fighting of Quinn’s Huskar and Dyrachyos Pudge, Gaimin Gladiators looked in control for the majority of game two. Playing with consistent pressure Gaimin Gladiators drew first blood on the previously undefeated Team Liquid roster; Finalizing the game in 41 minutes on the back of a Quinn Rampage!

Game 3 

After an interesting series throughout, game three was a huge opportunity for both teams to solidify a position within the top four of the region. With a win, Team Liquid would qualify to the Lima Major, while Gaimin Gladiators would greatly increase their chances with a series victory. Unfortunately game three didn’t provide the closeness we were hoping for. With a very successful early game lead, and a 20 min, 20,000 gold advantage; Team Liquid were the kings they’ve shown throughout the entirety of the split one. Team Liquid reasserted dominance in the game and the region, winning the game and the series at the 30 minute mark, acquiring a spot at the Lima Major. 

Drawing blood but not the hopeful series victory; Gaimin Gladiators record moves to 3-2, and an overall game score of 7-6. With the final week of games looking to provide tight qualification scenarios, every game matters up to this point. Gaimin Gladiators reemerge January 25th, with there competitive match against currently 6th seeded Into The Breach (1-5)

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Gaimin Gladiators vs Into The Breach 11:00 CT / STREAM 

Keenan “Slakks” Flamand
Author / Creative Writer